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July 14, 2020 | wine | Pacific Rim

5 Reasons to Shop Local Farmers Markets

These days we have so much information available to us and, for many, that means making more educated decisions about the products we purchase. This is true particularly for the food and beverages we bring into our homes to nourish and treat ourselves and our families. That’s why so many of us are turning to local and organic foods and wines that are produced on a smaller scale. There are so many benefits of buying local, and that is especially true when it comes to local wine.

Benefits of Buying Local Wine

5 Reasons to Shop Local Farmers Markets

Here's why we think buying local is a great idea:

Access to Expertise

Unlike large scale retailers local farmers markets provide you with a unique shopping experience. Local wine makers are actually available and happy to talk to you before you make your purchase. You can ask questions and even try samples!

Supporting Your Community

Farmers markets are a gathering place for friends and family and a wonderful place to meet new people. This unique social shopping experience creates community and keeps local farms and artisans in business. It also keeps your money local where it is invested back into the community. We can’t think of a more perfect shopping experience, can you?

Environmental Perks

Small scale food and wine production is good for communities and good for the world! Small farms are able to practice organic growing and reduce harm to the environment while reducing the speed of global warming by eliminating the need for transportation of goods.

Comparable Pricing

You may be surprised to find that prices at your local farmers market compare really well with those at chain stores. You’re getting a great product and you know exactly where it comes from, but you’re not paying an exuberant amount for your wine.

Staying Healthy

When you buy local wine you know where it comes from and you have the unique privilege of asking questions to find out exactly how it’s made. You can avoid wines that have additives and aren’t made from organic grapes.

The benefits of buying local are many, and not the least of which is that your local wine, produce, and meats taste wonderful!


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