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July 6, 2020 | Pacific Rim

Treehouse Paradise - The Perfect Getaway with Oregon Wines

Can we all just agree that hotels are sort of boring? All the rooms look the same, there’s the same tired continental breakfast, and at least half of the guests are stuck with a view of rooftop AC units or something similarly awful.

the witches castle oregon

Okay, okay...not ALL hotels are like this. Even so, there are a lot more lodging options out there that you can consider. Vertical Horizons Treehouse Paradise In Cave Junction, Oregon is one of them, and it’s definitely not your average place to stay. Nestled amongst the redwoods near the Oregon-California border, Vertical Horizons is a resort unlike any other you’ve ever been to. The “rooms” are actually individual tree-houses, situated high above the ground among the leaves and branches. Each treehouse is beautifully furnished and equipped, and the 360 degree views of the surrounding forest are phenomenal.

If you find yourself in this part of Oregon, booking a couple nights at Vertical Horizons is a must-do. Not only is the resort wholly unique, there’s tons to do on-site and in the local area. In addition to outdoor activities like tree climbing, hiking, volleyball and horseshoes, there are several local vineyards serving fine Oregon wines. You can sample a brisk chardonnay or a smooth pinot rose wine at one, and then head to another to taste their vintages. Is there a better way to spend an afternoon?

After a full day of activities, your own private treehouse is the perfect place to relax and unwind. Sit on the deck - or inside where it’s cozy and warm if you visit in the winter -  with a chilled glass of pinot rose wine and gaze at the tranquil beauty of the forest around you. Then, pat yourself on the back for choosing a truly extraordinary place to stay instead of the standard hotel option!

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July 6, 2020 | Pacific Rim

The Rise of Rosé

Rosé is coming into its own. While this may be surprising to some beverage consumers, it makes perfect sense to sales analysts. And it looks like the trend is here to stay. Total orders climbed over 300% from 2015 to 2016 and continue to grow. There’s no doubt about it: “pink” is gaining popularity, especially among trendy young drinkers -- and anyone who loves the appeal of crisp, clean, elegant wine.

the rise rainstorm wine

The upward rise of  is, in large part, attributable to a surprising source: greater numbers of male consumers. Rosé is usually touted as a woman’s drink, perhaps due to its color or because it is stereotyped as being overly sweet. Popular Rosés, though, can actually be quite dry. It is shedding its image as a “girly” wine and making inroads with serious wine lovers. And with bros.

Rose for Bros

So popular is this pink drink that a trendy portmanteau has emerged: Brosé. You know - rose for bros. A few brands have even created Rosés by that name. What’s the draw? Oregon Rosé options are unique; Willamette Valley wines are carefully crafted, and the blends of grapes used can lend the pink wines a structure more typical of reds. For many men, and for other wine drinkers, this puts Rosé into a class by itself and boosts its appeal -- especially when the temperature creeps up.

Rainstorm Rosé is a forerunner in this class of crisper, drier Rosés. With an acidic finish and aromas of rose petals, strawberry, and pomegranate seeds, it is perfectly paired with salads full of freshly-picked greens and herbs, grilled chicken, and warm evenings on the patio. Summer months produce the highest Rosé sales, which makes sense-- it’s the season for vacations, celebrations, impromptu gatherings, and picnics. Rosés are certainly indicative of rest and relaxation.

If you’ve been hesitant to try Rainstorm Rosé because it’s too sweet, too clingy, or too pink, you’ll be pleasantly surprised when you pour a chilled glass of the best Oregon Rosé. It will quickly become a summer staple.

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July 6, 2020 | Pacific Rim

What Makes Willamette Valley Wines So Great?

Willamette Valley has proven to be the “next frontier” for winemakers. Sales are up, investors are buying hefty acreage, and the buzz is spreading internationally (in fact, international wine sales in Willamette Valley increased by 50% in 2014 alone).

Several key factors are influencing the growth and popularity of Willamette Valley wines. Willamette Valley’s reputation for excellence is helped by the proximity to Portland Oregon’s foodie culture. Forty-five minutes from Portland is the home of Rainstorm wines.

This popular winery welcomes tourists who travel from Portland for a day trip to the country to explore, and taste! Locals are also taking advantage of the amazing wines in their backyard.

Portland’s cultural focus on local, fresh foods creates a blossoming market for equally local, fresh Willamette Valley Wines.   Another important factor to the popularity of these versatile wines is the land which nurtures the vineyards.

The cost of land is relatively cheap compared to surrounding areas. Investors are buying land there, and more competition has created better wines.  Willamette Valley’s pinot noir production is to its advantage, as well.

The obsession with pinot noir over the past few years has proven it is a fad here to stay, and Oregon’s signature wine is the classic pinot noir. In fact, 70% of Oregon’s Willamette Valley winery production went to pinot noir.

Another key factor: Willamette Valley vineyards get outstanding hospitality ratings. Investors are catching on to the area, but for now, more well-known local favorites such as Rainstorm are smaller and more unique than many other vineyards around the country.

As a result, these vineyards are extremely welcoming. They are run by locals who are passionate about creating beautiful wines in this beautiful country. Come and see  for yourself why Rainstorm wines and other varieties from the area are so popular. One sip is all the proof you need.

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June 30, 2020 | Pacific Rim

Is Pinot Noir Rosé Sweet or Dry?

Pinot noir rosé uses a very temperamental grape. It only grows well in cool climates that see a lot of rain. Needless to say, this makes the Willamette Valley an ideal location to grow it. It's a dry rosé wine that nonetheless has many sweet characteristics. This confuses many as to whether it's a dry or sweet wine. Once you understand it, you begin to see the possibilities in the best pinot noir rosé pairings.

pinot noir rose

Pinot Noir Rosé Has Exceptional Dryness

Dry wines typically ferment longer, allowing more of the sugar to be consumed. This can take away some of their sweetness, but the unique quality of pinot noir rosé is that it's a dry rosé wine that still brings a lot of sweet and floral flavors. It can feel more delicate because of that dryness. Pinot noir rosé can have as little as 3 grams of sugar per serving. That's among the lowest measurements of any wine.

The primary flavor you'll taste in a good pinot noir rosé is strawberries. This is joined by rose and pomegranate flavors. You may also taste a bit of orange zest, lemon, or white cherry, depending on the particular maker.

The Best Pinot Noir Rosé Pairings

These flavors bring out the most in spices like thyme. Greener spices will help pronounce the sweet flavors in the wine. This makes thyme-roasted chicken an ideal pairing.

A number of corn dishes also work well. That sweet flavor of corn that hits the back and sides of the mouth help highlight the fruit flavor along the center of your tongue. The bit of butter you might put on corn on the cob or that hint of cream in a dish like corn chowder is just enough to highlight pinot noir rosé's acidic qualities. That creates a superb mouthfeel.

A goat cheese salad or goat cheese with herb crackers can combine those green spice flavors with something creamy for a highly floral taste with a dry delivery. Each bite and sip you alternate will accentuate the creaminess and herb-flavor of the goat cheese with that bright acidity of the dry rosé wine.

Other good recommendations to consider are trout, salmon burgers, crab, or edamame.

Good and Guilt-Free

The great part of this all is that pinot noir rosé is a pretty healthy wine with a low sugar content that pairs deliciously with other healthy and incredibly tasty meals. Of course, you can also enjoy pinot noir rosé on its own without feeling guilty. That low sugar content makes it a perfect wine to drink whenever you like. Those fruit and floral flavors make it perfect for sitting on the patio and listening to the wind through the trees.

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June 30, 2020 | Pacific Rim

What Is Pinot Noir Rosé?

The best Oregon Rosé wine will take you by surprise. Pinot Noir Rosé in Oregon is an incredibly bright and crisp wine that's perfect for all seasons. How is it made and what will it go with? That's easy to learn:

pinot noir rose best oregon rose wine

How Pinot Noir Rosé is Made

Pinot Noir Rosés use the same Pinot Noir grapes that the famous red wine from the Willamette and Umpqua valleys use. The juice is strained from its skins and pulp earlier to keep a lighter and more delicate flavor. It requires a delicate balance between the qualities of Rosé and Pinot Noir.

Pinot Noir Rosé in Oregon uses grapes that are direct pressed for the Rosé. This accounts for two thirds of the grapes. The other third comes from a Pinot Noir tank. This emboldens the fruit flavors and provides a more decided structure.

The Flavor and Finish

The result is the best Oregon Rosé wine. Its beautiful rose-pink color glitters in the light, evoking dappled light on a river at sunset. It's reassuring in both summer and winter. The flavor is that of strawberries, with an acidity that cuts through thicker flavors. This is a big advantage of Pinot Noir Rosé over Rosés that have a less complex delivery and less crispness. The finish is both delicate and succulently dry, enhancing the fruit flavors and floral bouquet.

A Pinot Noir Rosé demands more attention than your average Rosé. Too many Rosés are sweet but flat in their flavors and don't fully stand alongside and complement the snacks and meals you pair with them.

Good for Diets, Brilliant for Pairing

Best of all, the dryness of Pinot Noir Rosé wines means they're much more appropriate for diets like keto than other roses would be. Ordinary Rosés are often far too sweet. Pinot Noir Rosés are dryer and allow you to enjoy fuller, more flavorful Rosés with a fraction of the sugar content.

Pinot Noir Rosé in Oregon is ideal with seafood, raw vegetables and strong tastes. Seared scallops are a perfect pairing. Salads with strong tastes like red onion and feta are delicious. Of course, this means the robust taste of bruschetta goes wonderfully with it. For fuller meals, try it with pork loin in a cherry sauce.

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