2018 Vin de Glacière Riesling
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2018 Vin de Glacière Riesling

To make our 2018 Vin de Glacière Riesling, the grapes are pressed frozen. It contains an abundance of pear, jasmine, and honey with well-preserved natural acidity. A truly succulent dessert wine.

100% Columbia Valley, WA. Purest winemaking possible – sustainably produced, all native yeasts, no oak, no malolactic. A perfect exploration of sweetness – covering the classic residual sugar spectrum of Riesling.


Wind-blown loess on basalt bedrock.

Production Technique

We pick the organic Vin de Glacière Riesling grapes at around 22.5% sugar in order to preserve the natural acidity of the grapes. The grapes are then frozen and pressed frozen, resulting in a concentrated press juice (about 36% sugar) and a low yield (about half our yield compare to non-frozen grapes). The concentrated juice is fermented until we reach 16.0% Residual Sugar. This wine will age very well.


Decadently sweet honey flavors yet pure and fresh.


Ideal with fruit tarts, cheesecake, and blue cheeses.


Columbia Valley, Washington


100% Riesling


Alcohol 9.5% Vol
Total Acidity 1.3%
Residual Sugar 18.5%

Alcohol %

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