A Riesling to Try them All
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A Riesling to Try them All

2019 Dry Riesling
2019 "J" Riesling
2020 Sweet Riesling
2018 Vin de Glaciere

If you are curious and want to, once and for all, understand the versatility of Riesling you can purchase our four "classics" together as a package and taste that set of wines allowing you to explore the full range of Residual Sugar (RS) levels.  

You might feel drawn to one style versus the other but each one has truly different applications and we invite you stay open minded. The Dry Riesling will be more appropriate as an aperitif, or with foods such as cold cuts, white meat, pork, sushi or fish. Riesling "J" will be glorious with wildly flavorful food such as Chinese or Mexican. Sweet Riesling is stunning with spicy food such as Thai or Caribbean. Finally the dessert style are great on their own, with light desserts (fruit salad and/or tarts) or with blue cheeses. Not that those are hard rules - they are just classic pairings for classic Rieslings and you can invent your own rules. 

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