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July 14, 2020 | wine | Pacific Rim

How to Host a Rosé Brunch

If you love to host friends, family, and neighbors, these past few months have been quite a change in lifestyle. If gathering for regular get-togethers, including our beloved Sunday brunch, is part of your normal routine, you may be feeling a bit at a loss for how to connect right now. As we are all looking forward to social gatherings in the months ahead, why not begin planning ahead for some brunch ideas?

A table set with Rosé wine, one of the best Sunday brunch wine recommendations

Sunday Brunch Wine Recommendations

Until social distancing and self-isolation guidelines are relaxed, consider a virtual brunch. While you can do anything you like, why not feature a “wine of the day” that everyone can enjoy together - virtually? And, when it comes to Sunday brunch wine recommendations, it’s Rosé all the way!

Rosé wine is a perfect spring/summer choice, and it can be quite versatile. Your options for your menu are expansive. Our favorites included grilled porterhouse, eggplant pizza, salmon with dill pesto, grilled asparagus (wrap it in bacon for a decadent treat), spring green salad with goat cheese, and shrimp, avocado, and roasted corn salad. Who’s hungry?

You can have guests each prepare a different option to enjoy on their own, and when you can meet in person for brunch, they will have perfected their dish!

When looking for Sunday brunch wine recommendations for future gatherings, think about the delicious foods you will be serving. For brunch, we love fresh fruits, airy and buttery croissants and other pastries, and a variation of an egg dish with fresh vegetables.

Brunch Ideas: Dry, Sparking, and Pinot Noir Rosé

A dry Rosé is a gorgeous accompaniment to these lighter savory bites. Sparkling Rosé is also a must when gathering friends for Sunday brunch. That lively bubbly kick! Pinot Noir Rosé is an incredibly flavorful dry, still wine that never disappoints so be sure to pick some up for your own Sunday brunch.

When thinking of brunch ideas, remember to honor the season by prioritizing fresh wines. The clean, bright taste of Pinot Noir Rosé is a perfect pair for spring and summer.


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