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January 2, 2023 | wine | Pacific Rim

2023 Wine Trends We're Watching

There has never been a more exciting time for the wine industry than now. With all the recent positive changes and the bright outlook, we want to explore some of the projected 2023 wine trends. So, whether you are looking to try a new wine, a new pairing, or find new activities to bring your favorite wines to, let's take a look!

2023 wine trends

As a result of the creative and innovative processes necessitated by the pandemic, the wine industry--along with many other businesses--found new ways to prosper.  So, what will some wine trends in 2023 be?


Pushing the envelope with blends.  New generations of winemakers are taking experimentation to new heights.  New classifications are sure to develop as the research and testing process are producing more varieties, with a wider array of tastes and pairing possibilities. And will we see different shades of colors? Maybe! Mixing and blending will yield shades of red and pink not seen before in the wine world.  Lighter and bright colors are gaining popularity among consumers, making blending one of the top wine trends in 2023 to watch.

Canned wines making inroads?  Canned wines have seen a slight uptick due to their convenience.  Wine in cans sometimes appeal to a non-traditional category of consumers, but most still prefer a good old bottle.  So, in our list of 2023 wine trends, we expect cans to hold a small, niche segment of the market.

Environmentally friendly. More consumers are interested in sustainably produced foods and wines.  Sustainability is getting more important with each day that passes.  So, when you go shopping, take a look at some of the foods you're pairing your wine with.

Washington State Wines! The interest in Washington State Wines has exploded! California has long held the USA title, but Washington is making waves. If you haven't checked out the Pacific Northwest, then it's worth the trip! And add some wine tasting to your list of things to do!

Sparkling wine is growing in popularity.  Consumers are drinking sparkling wines more as an everyday occurrence instead of just for special occasions.  This is one of our 2023 wine trends to watch since we love finding something to celebrate every day!

E-commerce is thriving. The convenience, and sometimes the necessity, of making purchases online is also helping those of us in the wine industry market our wines to a wider and more diverse audience.  While brick-and-mortar wine stores still thrive, eCommerce is slowly capturing more business each day. Customers today like to shop online, read about products at their leisure, and then have products delivered to their homes. Have you looked into our Wine Clubs? We have one for everyone! 

New wine programs in restaurants. Good wine is often linked to fine dining. Today, many restaurants have started to adapt the way they offer wine to consumers. A new program that offers wine pairing with different foods and wine experimentation as an ingredient in different menu items is becoming widely popular. 

Wine continues to be a very popular beverage globally and 2023 wine trends show even more growth for the industry. For us winemakers, we look forward to continuing our use of social media to reach more people across the country! Wine consumers are savvier than ever, and the wine industry is picking up on these wine trends in 2023, and we'll be keeping an eye on them throughout the year. 

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