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February 8, 2022 | Pacific Rim

6 Wine Games to Play with Friends and Family

Drinking wine and eating food often go together but what about adding a little extra “zing” every now and then to spice up the conversation? Make your wine and food meals even more interesting and have fun with wine when you combine it with a few wine games!

Geography quiz: When drinking wine with friends or family, remove the label from the wine bottle and start a geography quiz. Start simply by asking where the wine comes from and then show them a map of the world and let them identify the location of the country. This is a great game for wine connoisseurs to show off their skills and knowledge.

Types of grape varieties: To have fun with wine, ask each person in turn to name a type of grape and in what region(s) it is grown. This can be tricky and perhaps only a true wine expert may be able to answer.

Blind taste test: Purchase at least a half dozen bottles of different wines and challenge your guests to a blind taste test. After placing a blindfold over the person’s eyes, ask them what type of wine he or she is drinking. This is not as easy as some might think,m, and even differentiating between white and red wines can be difficult for some.

Name the price: After buying a few different types of wine, remove the label and sticker price. Ask the individual to taste the wine and name the price. The one who gets closest to the answer gets to take a bottle of wine home.

Spell the wine: There are so many wines and not all of them have names that are easy to spell. After removing the label, see how many of your guests can spell the wine name correctly. Tempranillo, Chardonnay, Garnacha, Sauvignon Blanc are just a few names that may test the spelling skills of many wine drinkers.

Wine trivia: Make up a list of wine trivia questions for your guests. Some of the questions that can stump wine connoisseurs may include:

  • Which country makes the most wine? Italy
  • Where is wine originally from? Georgia (the country)
  • What is the wine capital of the world? Bordeaux, France
  • Which U.S. state ranks second as a wine producer? Washington
  • Who made wine in the bible? Noah
  • The cultivation of grapes is called what? Viticulture

No matter what type of wine games you play, offer the winner a prize and a little token of appreciation to the rest. This will provide more motivation for the next time you hold another wine game session. At the end of the day, the idea is to have fun with wine (other than drinking it, of course!). And, finally, a wine game without snacks is not fun, so ask everyone to bring in a little something so that you can all share in the delights.

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