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January 7, 2022 | Pacific Rim

Best Valentine's Day Red Wine Pairings

Valentine’s Day is a special day for many couples, young and old alike. That day of the year when there is plenty of love and affection in the air. There is no better way to celebrate this day than having a nice dinner out or at home with a bottle of wine. To make the day even more memorable, you should also seek to pair the wine with the right foods. To make the wine and food pairing stand out, go beyond just basic wine decisions; meaning, go beyond just the basics of if it’s sweet, white, red, or bubbly. Take into account other wine characteristics, such as body, flavor, age, aroma, and alcohol level.

When there are so many delicious wines and food dishes to choose from, what are some of the best Valentine’s Day wine pairings for your romantic dinner?

Read below for tips to choose the best Valentine’s Day wine pairings for this romantic day.

Selecting the Right Valentine’s Day Wine

If you want to make your Valentine's Day wine pairings to be a hit, here are a few things to know:

  • Red blend wines go well with most heavy dishes, especially meats like lamb, steak, barbecued duck, glazed chicken, and spicy curries.
  • Serve white wine or a bubbly for lighter dishes, like poultry, chicken, or vegetarian dishes.
  • For most desserts, a bottle of red wine is recommended. Though, the wine should be less sweet than the dessert.

These Valentine’s Day wine pairings are not set in stone, but they can help guide you to a memorable experience.

Think About Your Partner

You can choose the best red wine to go with your steak, but what good is it if your partner does not like that red wine or has a preference for a glass of bubbly or white wine? If you are surprising your partner with a wine and dinner date, several good options will accommodate the taste buds of most people. These wines include:

  • A bubbly
  • A mild Riesling
  • Chardonnay
  • Pinot Noir

These four wines are very versatile and can be consumed with all types of food, including dessert. Both Champagne and Pinot Noir are the only wines that pair well with most foods, including vegetarian dishes. 

Here are some wine and food pairing recommendations for Valentine’s Day:

Steak: Select a bold red wine like 2018 SILVER TOTEM CABERNET SAUVIGNON

Lamb or chicken will go well with a mild red blend like 2020 RAINSTORM PINOT NOIR

Pork or glazed duck goes great with a moderately bold wine, like 2018 HAHN HILL VINEYARD CHENIN BLANC

For seafood, select a mild red blend like 2018 SILVER TOTEM RED BLEND

Veggie dishes go with a sauvignon or a bubbly like 2018 VIN DE GLACIÈRE RIESLING

For desserts, select a red blend like 2015 THICK SKINNED RED MOUNTAIN or you can even go with a mild Riesling, like 2022 J RIESLING


Remember, Valentine’s Day is a busy day at most restaurants, and if you do not want to disappoint your date, make a reservation early and also ask if they have the wine you want. Better yet, if you are a good cook, make a romantic dinner at home and enjoy time spent together, sipping your favorite wines. If you have any questions or need help with a selection, feel free to call Pacific Rim and Company at 1-503-863-5454 and speak to one of the wine experts on staff. They are passionate about wine and will be happy to help you.


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