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March 15, 2022 | Pacific Rim

Drinking Better Wine: Quality over Quantity

Roughly 80 million Americans drink wine. Of these, 75 percent drink wine regularly. Surveys indicate that nearly 44 percent of adults consume at least 2-3 glasses of wine a week and that number has steadily increased over the past few years. Another key finding is that younger people also love to drink wine, and since the Covid-19 pandemic started two years ago, more people have been drinking wine than ever before. 

Many people begin the New Year with resolutions, resolving to do something better or not to do something at all.  If you’re like some people who have made wine resolutions, don’t despair – you can still enjoy wine by drinking better wine, and not just drinking “any old” wine that comes cheaply.  Quality over quantity is a good goal to aspire to in life, as in wine.

In an era where health consciousness, eco-friendliness, and sustainability are important, experts suggest that people consume quality wines and not overdo the quantity. The best way to know how much you have been drinking is to calculate your weekly budget on wine and determine how often you drink and how much you may be spending on numerous bottles of cheap wine. To drink better quality wines, reallocate your budget so you can spend a little more for fewer bottles of better-quality wine. There are always special deals and sales on many quality wines that you can purchase in this manner. Instead of buying 20 bottles of cheap, heavily sugared wine, buy better quality wines from different regions and develop a new experience in wine drinking.

A healthy way of drinking better wine is now being advocated over quantity because of the following benefits:

  • By drinking less often and drinking better-quality wine, it is possible to acquire more and better health benefits
  • Drinking less wine diminishes your risk of liver damage
  • Drinking better quality wines less often can also reduce your risk of falls and other injuries
  • Quality wines (especially red wines) that contain the potent antioxidant, resveratrol, can help keep you looking younger for a longer time
  • By drinking less, you also protect your waistline as you avoid junk calories
  • You help preserve the environment since there is less garbage produced

Don’t just buy and consume cheap bottles of wine – fully enjoy the experience of drinking wine by choosing higher-quality wines and perhaps not drinking quite as much.  Make one of your wine resolutions be to drink responsibly.


Drinking better wines does not mean you have to spend more. Many good-quality wines are relatively inexpensive. Also, if you only drink half a bottle of wine, you can save the other half. Today, there are gadgets available that allow you to spray a layer of argon gas over the wine to keep it fresh for some time. This is very useful if you open several bottles of wine at the same time. When you reduce consumption, there is less need for wine containers (both plastic and bottles) and there is less garbage produced, which is helpful to the environment. 


Several studies have shown that the optimal daily intake of wine should be two glasses (300 ml) for men and one glass (150 ml) for women. Drinking this amount of wine is reported to potentially be associated with health benefits. Drinking more than the recommended amount can lead to health problems.  Change your wine resolutions to drinking better quality wines and reduce the quantity.

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