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February 10, 2021 | wine | Pacific Rim

3 Reasons Why a Bottle of Wine for Valentine’s Day Is a Must

Valentine’s Day is an opportunity to let the people we love know how much we mean to them. Should we do this everyday? Yes! Should we make a special effort and go a little above and beyond on special occasions? Also yes! Plan a perfect day of outdoor pursuits, fun indoor activities, and, the pièce de résistance, a great meal. When planning your menu, make sure to think about a great bottle of wine for Valentine's Day.

Valentine's Day Box of Chocolates

Wine & Valentine’s Day: It’s True Love

1. The Perfect Pair

Are you and your V-Day date the perfect pair? Well, so is wine! The right bottle of wine for Valentine’s Day pairs perfectly with your menu. For example, if you are planning to show our love at the stove by making lemon basil shrimp risotto, lasagna, rich beef stew and homemade bread, winter white salad, or expertly grilled fish, wine brings out the flavors and enhances the experience. Plus it sure helps make a pretty, perfect presentation!

2. A Little Help From Your Brain

Drinking wine prompts the release of oxytocin, otherwise known as the “love hormone.” It can enhance amorous feelings. Now, keep in mind that foods also encourage the release of oxytocin, so you don’t have to drink in excess! Instead, supplement your glass with aphrodisiacs like avocados, figs, watermelon, and spinach.  Love works in delicious ways!

3. Ohhh… That’s Creative!

Wine is so versatile that it can enhance any meal and add a little intrigue to your Valentine’s Day. For example, you can get creative and serve your love some sweet treats. How about some chocolate covered bacon or salted caramel and chocolate s’mores? Think about it: you build a little campfire in the backyard (in a safe fire pit… or you can even use the grill if you can’t have open flames) and snuggle with your loved ones while looking at the stars. Perfect!

Well it is perfect when you find the right wine to pair with s’mores! (For the record, we’d go with a Zin and a Chenin Blanc, respectively). 

It’s a little unexpected, a little creative, and more than a little romantic.

When you’re selecting a bottle of wine for Valentine’s Day, let your preferences be your guide. This is not a decision to stress about; focus on having a romantic night with your special someone.


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