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July 12, 2022 | wine | Pacific Rim

Foods to Try with Sweet Riesling

Pacific Rim offers some of the best Riesling options available. With several sweet choices in our line, though, you may wonder what is best served with this wine. Our sweet riesling choices actually work well with a number of different foods. Here are a few sweet riesling pairings you may want to try. 

Foods to Try with Pacific Rim Sweet Riesling

  • Foie Gras: Sweet rieslings offer a beautiful flavor on their own, but paired with a Foie Gras, you will experience an entirely new level of flavor. The sweetness of the wine mixes perfectly with the richness and smooth texture. Thanks to the high acidity level, the two dishes tend to balance each other out. 
  • Salty Snacks: Whether you’re serving simple appetizers or something more intense, sweet rieslings are the perfect pair for a salty snack. The gentle sweetness will delight your tongue as it processes the complex flavors in both the wine and the snack. Pizza is always a fan favorite.
  • Go Tropical: The strong flavors that are so typical in tropical fruits work well with a sweet riesling from Pacific Rim. Colorful and delicious, feel free to serve them as a fruit tray option or in another dessert. Either will work well with our wines. 
  • Consider Tarts and Pies: Tart and pie fillings tend to be seasonal fruits, and a riesling is the perfect way to help you rediscover the flavor and juicy nature of those fruits. It’s the ideal way to complete the bouquet a sweet riesling begins to create. 
  • Caramel Works Well: A Pacific Rim sweet riesling means a floral, aromatic option, and when you pair that with the mixture of sweet and salty that caramel desserts so frequently offer, you have an ideal match. 

Other Fruit Options: You can also consider other fruit options to pair with a sweet riesling. Nectarines are an excellent option. Just serve them fresh or poach them. You could also grill them or create a warm dessert like a crumble. Similarly, apple desserts pair well with sweet rieslings. A crisp apple cheesecake or an apple dumpling will be the perfect complement. Citrus options like Key Lime Pie make a beautiful choice as well. 

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