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October 19, 2022 | wine | Pacific Rim

Halloween Wine, Crisp Weather, and Spooky Bottles

Think Halloween is just for the kids? Think again. This crisp weather has as much to offer adults as it does the kids. From the frightful DIY decorations to the delicious wines you can enjoy, this Halloween doesn’t just have to be about the little ones in your life, if you have them. Consider starting your night with a delicious bottle of Halloween wine. Here are a few spooky varieties you may want to consider. 

2021 Pacific Rim Wicked Good Red

The first red we ever created after our success in the white wine market, we mean it when we say this wine is truly wicked, and it’s the perfect little complement to your Halloween celebration. Packed with notes of fresh, dark berries, you’re in for a treat as amazing as the Halloween candy you once collected as a kid. The inky darkness as you peer into a bottle of our best Wicked Good Red will have you ready to take the first scary sip. The burst of juiciness you feel on your tongue balanced by fresh acidity will be your reward whether you find yourself in the shadows of a campfire on Halloween or handing out candy every time the doorbell rings. 

2020 J Riesling

Searching for a choice that looks like the season? If you’ve ever fallen in love with Halloween wine bottle decorations, this needs to be your next purchase for the season. The gorgeous orange bottle is only the start of this perfect choice for a night of spooky, candy-filled fun, though. With just the right amount of sweetness and complexity, every glass here has aromas of jasmine, pear, and apricot to help brighten the dark Halloween evening up a bit. It’s perfect for spicy Halloween dishes as you enjoy the scariest season of the year. 

2018 Ramos Vineyard Gewurztraminer

If intense fall flavors are what define Halloween for you, this is a great choice. Every bottle means intense character notes of lychee and rose petals, as well as a complex spicy flavor you’ll enjoy. Gewurztraminer varieties have long been considered to be the darling of fall, and for good reason. This choice is nothing short of stunning, and you’re certain to love what it brings to your Halloween night. 

If you’re ready for the beauty of fall, the spicy excitement of Halloween and the full moon glory your long night will bring, one of these options is certain to be the perfect match! You can even save the bottles to create your own terrifying Halloween wine bottle decorations for next year.


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