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February 22, 2023 | Pacific Rim

Is There Skiing in Washington State?

While Washington state is well known for its rainy weather, the state is also well known for its prolific snowfalls, which make it a great place to ski. As of 2023, there are 13 open ski resorts in the state, most of which are located in the Cascade Mountain Range between North Cascade and Mount Rainier national parks. There are at least half a dozen ski resorts located within one to two hours of Seattle.  No need to ask, “Is there skiing in Washington state?” Just pack up and go!

skiing in washington state

Washington ski slopes are affordable, less crowded than some other more famous ski destinations, and they are family-friendly. The slopes in Washington cater to both beginning and professional skiers. Some of the best ski resorts in Washington include:

The biggest ski resort in the state is Wenatchee – Mission Ridge (with a total slope length of nearly 100 km). The highest ski resort for skiing at an altitude of 2,137 meters can be found at Crystal Mountains Resort, but no matter which ski resort you visit in Washington, there are plenty of skiing and snow-related activities to be enjoyed. One of the favorite activities, après skiing, is enjoying a wonderful glass of wine near a nice, warm fireplace.


Is there skiing in Washington state? But of course! There are excellent wines available, too! Washington state has it all: mountains, beautiful scenery, ski slopes, verdant valleys, and rich soil that produces great wines. Wines that are great for drinks after skiing include our own:

  1. 2021 Pacific Rim Wicked Good Red – this wine is delightful, offering a taste of juicy dark berries. Grown in Shano Silt Loam and put through a fermentation process by professionals, it is the perfect drink after skiing.
  2. 2019 Rainstorm Pinot Noir – the fruit for this wine comes from the finest grape growers in Washington’s own Willamette Valley. With a bouquet blend of strawberry, cranberry, and rosehip flavors, this medium ruby-red wine adds the taste of delicious red berries, pomegranate, and cherry.
  3. 2018 Vin de Glaciere Riesling – for drinks après skiing, this is one of the best choices. This is a dessert wine with hints of honey, pear, and jasmine. The natural acidity of the grapes is preserved, thus resulting in the quintessential sweetness that pairs well with cheesecake, blue cheeses, and fruit tarts. So add a little bite of dessert to your drinks after skiing and enjoy after a day full of fun and physical activity – now is the time to rest and relax.

Skiing is a fun pastime enjoyed by many people, but most people would agree that the best part about visiting the ski slopes is the après ski activities, which is when the real fun begins. Is there skiing in Washington state? Plan your ski trip today and now you know how to top off your time after skiing.


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