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August 10, 2020 | wine | Pacific Rim

What Is a Crisp Wine?

As summer temperatures rise, it helps to have a cold drink in hand to keep hydrated. Water is a great go-to (especially with lemon or cucumber!). However as evening approaches it’s typically an adult beverage that quenches our thirst. Do you find yourself turning to a Pinot Gris or Pinot Noir Rosé for a crisp wine? It makes sense, crisp is just what you want after a long, hot day! These refreshing white wines give you just what you are craving.

Suspended drops and splash of white wine in glass

Crisp wine is meant to describe a white wine that is acidic and dry. Dry of course refers to the lack of sweetness in a wine. A good amount of acidity in a wine gives a taste sensation similar to fresh squeezed lemonade, except without all the sugar. Acidity and dryness are really the essential factors to determining what can be described as a crisp wine. 

When we talk about crisp wine we might also use descriptors like bright or fresh. This is all a way of talking about the wine’s acidity. All wines have some amount of acidity, but here we are getting a bit of pucker out of our sip. This pucker, or tartness,  is what makes your tongue salivate and brings you back for more!

Typically we are thinking about crisp wine in terms of refreshing white wine, that said, there are some red wines that one could also describe as crisp, bright and fresh. These are the types of reds one might chill and serve at a barbeque. And, yes, that is a thing!

Enjoying a crisp white wine is lovely any time of year, but especially so in the summertime. There’s something very romantic about relaxing in a garden or on a patio with a white in hand. It’ll also pair delightfully with appetizers, seafood, salads and myriad other dishes. You may even start with a crisp white and move on to a red for your meal. Any way you chose to enjoy a refreshing white wine is fine. You really can’t go wrong as long you’re loving the taste!


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