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November 16, 2020 | wine | Pacific Rim

What Is a Light Bodied Wine?

As a wine lover, there are many terms we use regularly - some with varying levels of authority and expertise! That is to say, a lot of jargon is tossed around in circles of wine lovers. We’ve discussed important properties in wine like tannins, but many are wondering what it means when winemakers and experts talk about body.

A bottle of light bodied pinot noir from Rainstrom Wines

When we think about the term body we think about shape, fullness, size. But, what does the term body describe in a wine? What, for example, is a light bodied wine

Simply put, there are three bodies of wine: full, medium and light. Each has its own desirable descriptors. When you look up the profile of a wine you will see body among the list of specifics. Body is about how a wine feels in our mouths. Which if you think about it, conjures some of the same sensuality as the term when used to refer to human bodies. 

A light bodied wine is characterized by its lean and delicate nature. The viscosity or consistency of a light bodied wine can be likened to the lightness of water itself. Perhaps it is starting to sound like a light bodied wine is simple, thin or maybe even undesirable. On the contrary, light bodied wines are sought after because they pair well with light foods like chicken and salmon. 

Pinot noir can often be counted among the light bodied. A light bodied pinot noir can be described as smooth and easy to drink. Pinot boir brands like Rainstorm, make a delicious, light bodied pinot noir that can be enjoyed with many summer dishes. Whether it’s chicken or fish or really any vegetable ensemble, a light bodied pinot noir is going to be a lovely accompaniment.



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