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July 27, 2022 | wine | Pacific Rim

What Wine Matches Your Personality?

There is a general belief that wine drinkers make their wine choices based on their personality. For example, a person who is organized and logical will usually select Chardonnay, which is considered a structured, reliable, and consistent wine. If you are wondering what wine matches your personality, we’re about to explore that here.

What wine matches your personality? People who are friendly, charming, loyal, and attractive tend to select Pinot Grigio. This wine also has similar features to Chardonnay. It is subtle, safe, and a versatile white wine option for any event. Lovers of Pinot Grigio tend to be romantic and love excitement in their life. They love to meet new people and can be seductive. 

People who are extroverts, logical, and determined may select Merlot. This bold, fruity wine with black currant flavors is well structured, organized, and loves to stand out from the crowd.

People who are introverts, who avoid conflict, who are reliable, and who live a quiet life are more likely to have wine personalities that select Pinot Noir. This fruity easy-going wine is versatile and can be enjoyed with all types of food and at any event. Individuals who like Pinot Noir are known to make smart decisions and prefer a sophisticated light-bodied wine.

Individuals who are stoic and come across as hard to please are more likely to order Cabernet Sauvignon. Cabernet Sauvignon is a bold wine made from a grape with thick skin and high tannin levels, which gives it a strong character. This full-bodied wine with modest acidity is best sipped with meals.

People who drink Riesling are typically easy-going, genuine, kind, and usually avoid conflict. They quickly adapt to all types of situations without any fuss - much like the wine. You can count on Riesling to never disappoint you because it pairs well with most foods.

Wine personalities of those who order Chardonnay ooze with confidence, and have a particular style and behavior. They are bold and recognize what they like. They are into the latest trends and tend to embrace new things. They can be chatty, and they love a bold, fruity wine.

White Zinfandel is a great wine for free-spirited party lovers. These individuals are adventurous, flirty, love to try new things, and have a great sense of humor. This deep bold wine is bright, refreshing, and dry. It complements the personality of someone who wants to experiment, while at the same time enjoying the finer things in life

Malbec, while not as popular as Pinot Noir or Merlot, is still a favorite among people who work hard, want things done right, and strive for success. Malbec is easy to recognize because of its deep color and savory flavors. It is a great option for hard-working people who like a glass of wine with plenty of body and strong flavors.

Champagne drinkers tend to have a very positive outlook on life and live life to the fullest. In addition, these individuals are empathic and will usually lend a helping hand whenever needed. Champagne drinkers tend to like the finer things in life and love to impress. 


Do any of these descriptions sound like you or someone you know?  Or you may be atypical and unique with none of these stereotypical personality descriptions fitting the wines you like.  These personality traits and types of wine are just general thoughts.  So, what wine matches your personality? Are you ready to try something new or do you stick with what you know?

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