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August 1, 2023 | oregon, wine | Pacific Rim

What Wine Should I Bring to the Cookout?

Few things match the power of a summer cookout. With the scents wafting off the grill, the beautiful table, the music in the background, and the chance to spend some quality time with your best friends, a summer cookout, accompanied by wines for cookouts, is often what makes the season great.

wine should i bring to the cookout

If you’re bringing the wine, though, you want to select one that’s going to go well with the food and taste amazing. If you’ve spent hours asking yourself, “What wine should I bring to the cookout?” don’t worry! Choosing wines for cookouts doesn’t have to be tough. Consider one of these options. 

A Great Pinot Noir: 

When it comes to tomato-based sauces, you can’t go wrong with a Pinot Noir. Our 2021 Rainstorm Pinot Noir has the ability to use its taste profile enhanced with red berries, bright cherries, and pomegranate to match the power of the sauce. 

This wine is also perfect with grilled salmon because the fruit flavors and moderate tannins can work nicely with the rich flavors presented by salmon. It will also pair well with smoky grilled vegetables. 

A Classic Cabernet Sauvignon: 

Hearty grilled red meats deserve our 2020 Silver Totem Cabernet Sauvignon. If you’re thinking about steaks on the grill, this is the ideal wine thanks to the structured tannins. 

You’ll find that it’s distinct enough to help balance your palate, and the flavor concentration includes currant and blackberry, which offers an intensity that can match flank steak, ribeyes, and more. 

A Light Pinot Gris: 

If you’re getting creative with your grill and serving something with a sweet honey-barbeque-based sauce or a grilled fruit like peaches or pineapples, our 2021 Rainstorm Pinot Gris is the ideal option. A refreshing choice, you’ll find a flavor profile that includes stone fruits balanced by fresh acidity. Crisp and flavorful, serve it well chilled for those hot summer evenings. 

An Elegant Rosé: 

When you want a wine that looks as beautiful as the table will, you can’t go wrong with our 2021 Rainstorm Pinot Noir Rosé. Not only does it look simply amazing in the glass, but it also pairs well with seafood on the grill. 

The bouquet here is summer itself featuring strawberry and rose petals, and the taste is crisp elegance redefined. You’ll find a complex burst of flavor that is ideal with a variety of other flavors as well including your grilled appetizer course. 

An Extraordinary Red Blend: 

If you’re serving something with a spicy rub or sauce or you’ve selected heavier cheese options to pair with your meal, a red blend like our 2018 Thick Skinned Red Mountain is a perfect choice. 

The bouquet of cocoa, sweet coconut, dark berries, vanilla, and cherries is amazing, and the mouth feel offers firm tannins that can stand up to the spice of any dish. The perfect complement for a great barbeque, it will highlight whatever is being served in a way other wines simply cannot. 

Bring the Best Wine to the Cookout

Cookouts create summer memories you can look back on as the chill of fall begins to set in. Choosing the right wines for cookouts is a great way to help everyone relax and enjoy the time together. Take a look at our complete selection to choose a few bottles that are ideal for your next cookout invitation.


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