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June 30, 2020 | wine | Pacific Rim

What Is Pinot Noir Rosé?

The best Oregon Rosé wine will take you by surprise. Pinot Noir Rosé in Oregon is an incredibly bright and crisp wine that's perfect for all seasons. How is it made and what will it go with? That's easy to learn:

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How Pinot Noir Rosé is Made

Pinot Noir Rosés use the same Pinot Noir grapes that the famous red wine from the Willamette and Umpqua valleys use. The juice is strained from its skins and pulp earlier to keep a lighter and more delicate flavor. It requires a delicate balance between the qualities of Rosé and Pinot Noir.

Pinot Noir Rosé in Oregon uses grapes that are direct pressed for the Rosé. This accounts for two thirds of the grapes. The other third comes from a Pinot Noir tank. This emboldens the fruit flavors and provides a more decided structure.

The Flavor and Finish

The result is the best Oregon Rosé wine. Its beautiful rose-pink color glitters in the light, evoking dappled light on a river at sunset. It's reassuring in both summer and winter. The flavor is that of strawberries, with an acidity that cuts through thicker flavors. This is a big advantage of Pinot Noir Rosé over Rosés that have a less complex delivery and less crispness. The finish is both delicate and succulently dry, enhancing the fruit flavors and floral bouquet.

A Pinot Noir Rosé demands more attention than your average Rosé. Too many Rosés are sweet but flat in their flavors and don't fully stand alongside and complement the snacks and meals you pair with them.

Good for Diets, Brilliant for Pairing

Best of all, the dryness of Pinot Noir Rosé wines means they're much more appropriate for diets like keto than other roses would be. Ordinary Rosés are often far too sweet. Pinot Noir Rosés are dryer and allow you to enjoy fuller, more flavorful Rosés with a fraction of the sugar content.

Pinot Noir Rosé in Oregon is ideal with seafood, raw vegetables and strong tastes. Seared scallops are a perfect pairing. Salads with strong tastes like red onion and feta are delicious. Of course, this means the robust taste of bruschetta goes wonderfully with it. For fuller meals, try it with pork loin in a cherry sauce.


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