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June 10, 2021 | wine | Pacific Rim

What Does Full-Bodied Red Wine Mean?

For individuals who may be new to the world of wines, it is a fascinating industry. It is often replete with difficult-to-understand terminology, using descriptive words such as body, astringent, aroma, appellation, earthy, and so on. But one phrase frequently used to describe wine is the “body of the wine.”


The full-bodied wine meaning reflects the weight or texture of the beverage in your mouth. The body of the wine depends on several factors, including the alcohol content, level of acidity, the amount of sugar, and the type of grapes used.

When you drink a full-bodied wine, the taste is complex, and the flavor will linger in your mouth for some time. For example, when you drink a cola beverage, it tastes sweet, but within a few seconds, the flavor is gone.

On the other hand, if you drink a glass of milk, the beverage is thick, flavorful, viscous, and the taste will linger in your mouth for some time. This reflects the body of the liquid. The same applies to full-bodied wines. 

On the other hand, there are also light-bodied wines, which have less viscosity and minimal after-taste. Medium-bodied wines fall in between the two categories. Both red and white wines can be full-bodied, but, in general, there are more full-bodied red wines than white wines.

If you want to select a full-bodied wine but have no idea about their names, go with the color. The darker the color, the bolder the wine. To a large extent, the boldness comes from the grape skin; the thicker the skin, the bolder the wine.

The other key factor that contributing to the wine's body is the alcohol content (Alcohol by Volume - ABV). When the wine has a high alcohol content, it will become viscous and move slowly and feel heavier in the mouth. Overall,wines with an alcohol content of over 13.5% are considered full-bodied wines. Wines between 12.5%-13.5% are medium-bodied, and those less than 12.5% alcohol are considered light. All wines will have a label that will reveal the alcohol content to tell the body status quickly.

Some well-known full-bodied red wines include the following:

1. Cabernet Sauvignon is one of the most well-known red wines. It is a full-bodied wine with high tannins that give it a flavor of pepper and mature rich black currants.

2. Douro red wines from Portugal are often purplish, with flavors ranging from light to dark ripened fruits.

3. Malbec is a French wine known for its deep purplish color and rich blackberry fruity flavors that includes a tinge of acidity.

4. Mourvedre is a wine high in tannins and alcohol. The wine has a combination of earthy and soft red fruity flavors.

5. Nero D’avola is a wine made in Sicily with flavors that range from sweet to peppery.

6. Petite Sirah is deep-colored wine with rich black fruity flavors.

7. Shiraz is a well-liked wine because of its plum, tobacco, pepper, and blackberry flavors.

8. Syrah is made from dark-skinned grapes and the flavors vary from light chocolate to black pepper.

9. Tannat is wine made in Southern France that is high in tannins and one of the fruitier wines. It is often blended with many other wines.

Full-bodied red wines are generally not consumed alone but instead paired with foods like steak, different plates of pasta, pork, or chicken. The combination goes well because these fat-rich foods can cut through the acidic taste and bring out the wine's rich, fruity flavors.

So uncork a bottle of your FAVORITE WINE and explore your possibilities!


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