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November 12, 2021 | wine | Pacific Rim

Wine Cork Crafts for the Holidays

During every holiday season, wine can play an important role, whether consumed at home or out and about at social gatherings and events. Every time you drink wine, you are left with two residuals: the empty bottle and the wine cork. The empty bottle can be recycled (and it can also be used in crafts) but what do you do with the wine cork? 

Many people save the corks in a see-through glass container. You could also, however, use them to make holiday wine cork crafts for Christmas.

wine cork crafts for the holidays

Mini Cork Christmas Trees 

One of the wine cork crafts for Christmas is the mini cork Christmas tree.  Paint both ends of the corks with Christmas colors and/or Christmas patterns.  Start with a base of five corks, gluing them together, laying side by side.  

Layer four corks in the next row (layering them so that the four rest/roll easily atop the five), then three corks, then two corks, then have one cork at the top, all in an ascending line with the single cork at the top.  

You can cut one cork in half and use it as the base of the tree, and you can find a star and glue it to the top of the Christmas tree.  Always save any trimmed cork pieces as you’re sure to be able to use them in another craft.

Pinecone Christmas Trees

Another one of several holiday wine cork crafts is the pinecone Christmas tree.  Gather some pinecones and spray them with green paint.  Use a cork as the base/stand of the “tree” and put a gold star at the top of the pinecone.

Gift Tag 

Make a gift tag from the cork by drawing a face on it, maybe gluing a bow on top of the cork’s “head” from a Christmas-y piece of fabric, and gluing a piece of cord to it, long enough to go around the bow on the package perhaps, or around the top of a gifted wine bottle.  Put a small name tag through the cord as well, listing the name of the recipient.

Hershey Santas  

Take your corks and draw a thick, black line around the middle for a belt and perhaps paint the bottom half of the cork green (a Christmas color!).  Crumble up some thin white embroidery thread and glue it halfway around the bottom, like a skirt.  Add some more crumbled white thread at the top of the cork for hair.  

Draw a nose and eyes on, and then glue a Hershey’s chocolate kiss (Christmas kisses, of course!) on top.  Add a small cotton top to the kiss as if it were the top of a hat.  Be careful how you glue the Hershey’s kiss on – don’t use too much glue as someone might want to disassemble it and eat the chocolate candy sooner or later!

Hanging Heart

Take about 40 or 50 corks and pattern them in the shape of a heart.  Once you have the heart-sized the way you want it, glue them all together.  Glue a cord for hanging to the back of the heart and you can hang it anywhere.  You can leave it the natural cork color, or you can paint it red, or any color you choose.  The fact that the corks are lightweight will help keep this heart together and also allow it to be hung in a lot of places.

You can also make a Christmas wreath and Christmas reindeer holiday wine cork crafts, too (look online to find instructions).  Before you can make any wine cork crafts for Christmas from wine corks, though, you first need to start collecting them. 

You will need lots and lots of corks; therefore, you (and your family and friends) will need to drink lots and lots of wine.  That’s not a hard task, right?  You can Google and/or YouTube cork crafts to get dozens of more ideas.  Cork is a wonderful material to work with, as it’s lightweight and pliable.  

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