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September 8, 2020 | wine | Pacific Rim

Sweet Wines for Beginners

If you are wondering about sweet wines for beginners, don’t be turned off by the seemingly daunting nature of the wine world. Enjoying wine doesn’t have to be difficult - it’s just about finding wines that taste good to you! You just need to know a bit about what’s out there. 

Sweet pink wines poured in wine glasses on a dinner table

For many beginners, the ability to differentiate between a sweet wine and a fruity wine just isn’t there… Yet! Many of us have been equating sweet and fruity wines wrongfully, or we have thought it difficult to understand the terms used to determine the different types of wine. Not to worry: this isn’t a judgment. It’s a learning opportunity - and an opportunity to sample some delicious wines.

Sweet Wines Decoded

Allow us to decode sweet wines for beginners. Sweet wine refers to the actual level of sugar in the wine after the fermentation process is complete. Sweetness is impacted by the type of grapes used and the length of the fermentation process. After fermentation, a wine with more than 20 sugar calories per glass (35 g/L RS) from the grapes is what we call a “sweet wine.”

About Sweet Pink Wines

These wines come in different varietals, including sweet pink wines. Rosé is a favorite pink wine for many, but people often mistake fruity rosés for sweet pink wines. Since rosé is made with such a broad range of grape varietals, the fermentation process is your best clue to sweetness. In other words, rosé isn’t always a “sweet” wine (but we think it’s always a great choice!).

If you’re a beginner, sweet pink wines are a fantastic place to start! Try a bottle of Pink Moscato or White Zinfandel. Both can be enjoyed with dessert or anytime by anyone from beginner wine drinkers to experienced enthusiasts. If you want to add a bit of intrigue, try a Pacific Rim Ice Wine Riesling. It’s a sweet white, and it makes the perfect treat for after dinner.

Explore! There’s a whole wide world of wine waiting for you.

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