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July 14, 2020 | wine | Pacific Rim

What to Bring on a Picnic Date

Whether you are planning a romantic date or getting together with friends and family, picnics are a great way to gather over a shared love of food and wine while enjoying nature. Planning the perfect picnic is easy with these wine and cheese picnic ideas.

Picnic Outdoors With Rose Wine

Wine and cheese enjoyed in the fresh air on a picnic blanket can be pure bliss. Some would say these are picnic date essentials! Pinot Noir Rosé can be paired with a semi-soft cheese such as Gruyère, Havarti, or perhaps Monterey Jack. These cheeses will be perfect served on a crispy baguette or toast crackers. Pack pasta salad or some smoked salmon on toasted bread or crackers for a perfect meal.

One of our favorite wine and cheese picnic ideas is Pinot Gris with Chevre to spread on a baguette or even some fresh Mozzarella and basil. Pack a couple of juicy peaches or cut up melon to compliment the wine and cheese. You could even include a homemade lemon dessert (lemon bars...mmm).

Be sure to chill the wine in advance and don’t forget the less glamorous (but still important) of the picnic date essentials - ice packs or frozen water bottles in the bottom of your basket will help to keep the wine chilled on a warm day. Cover the water bottles or ice packs with a tea towel and put items that need to be kept chilled at the bottom.

Whether you picnic at an orchard, the summit of your hike, or a local park, you can enjoy these wine and cheese picnic ideas! Keep it simple with a basket and a blanket or go all out with games, flowers, a speaker to play music. However you do it, you will want the drinks and food to be the main attraction.


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