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June 27, 2023 | wine | Pacific Rim

Wine and Golf in Washington: a Perfect Pairing

Wine and Golf: An Unbeatable Combination

There was a time when golf was an isolated sport played with few social interactions or connections. Over the past two decades, however, golf has become a diverse sport where people not only enjoy hitting the fairways but have also started to combine it with eating and drinking after the game. One beverage that has become a favorite among golfers is wine. And what makes the experience even more pleasant is that the majority of golf courses in Washington and Oregon have some of the most beautiful scenery in the nation, as well as some of the best wineries.

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Golf and Wine

There is no question that golfers and grapes tend to thrive in the same dry, warm weather. And to make it easy for golfers to enjoy the day at the golf course, golf course owners and nearby wineries have started to offer all types of facilities and amenities so that people can enjoy their dining experience in front of splendid views of the landscape.

While many people are aware that Washington has some great wine country, not many know that it has some of the best golf courses in the nation, both in terms of functionality and aesthetics. What makes Washington a prized area for golf is the mild weather, especially during spring and fall. And when you combine this with wine, it makes for a perfect wine and golf weekend getaway.

Most golfers spend about four hours on the course, and since they have taken the day off, they have more hours to spare. Therefore, they are looking for a fine wine and dining experience after the golf game. And this combination is catching on all over the nation. Golfers want more than just a game of golf. Most of these individuals who play golf now want to enjoy the beautiful scenery in a relaxed atmosphere and, at the same time, enjoy fine dining and wines.

Where in Washington Can One Enjoy Wine and Golf?

There are golf courses almost everywhere in the state, but to enjoy golf and wine, the premier destination in Washington is the Southeastern corner, with its famed Columbia Valley and dozens of wineries, plus dozens of golf courses within the vicinity. Southeast Washington provides an easily accessible golf experience for everyone. It is also a magnet for wine lovers. After a morning round of golf, one has the entire afternoon to pick fruits, stroll the vineyards, enjoy a picnic, or have an evening meal at one of the many quality restaurants in the area.

As the wine industry flourishes in SE Washington, many wineries have started to offer wine-tasting tours, fine dining, and picnic facilities to both tourists and locals. The good thing is that enjoying wine and golf does not have to be an expensive affair. It all depends on your personal preferences. Yes, there are celebrity golf courses in Washington that cater to the rich, but there are also many casual spots that cater to the average American and even offer a picnic experience. Three of the top ten golf courses in Washington State include:

1) Gamble Sands Golf Club

2) Chambers Bay

3) Wine Valley Golf Club

Today, many golf courses now partner with wineries so they can offer the best of both worlds: a private round of golf is paired with a tour of the vineyard, coupled with a private gourmet dinner paired with top-quality wines. Package deals that include accommodations, breakfast, transportation, golf, and wine tasting are available online.

For some of the best golf and wine experiences, check out the golf courses and vineyards in the State of Washington. They can rival the best!

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