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July 14, 2020 | wine | Pacific Rim

What Is the Best Beginner Wine Book?

It's a good time to get into something new. If you've always meant to become a wine aficionado but never had the time, then now's the moment. What's the best way to start, though? The best beginner wine books tell you about how different wines are made, the history of different varietals, and how you can start appreciating all of them more. Here are the best books that teach you wine for beginners:

A woman reading one of the best beginner wine books with a glass of red wine in the foreground

The Wine Bible: Karen MacNeil has been praised from all corners for her incredibly interesting and even more entertaining take on wine. It's more than 1,000 pages long, but it's only daunting until you open to the first page. “The Wine Bible” is written to be taken in bite-sized chunks. It weaves together practical information about wine, tasting qualities, and pairings with anecdotes the world over. That means you can read it as you wish, jump around to what you find interesting, and visit what you need to know when you need to know it.
Wine Folly: Magnum Edition – The Master Guide: This much more serious title reflects a somewhat more serious take on wine for beginners. Written by Madeline Puckette and Justin Hammack, the book acts like a winery tour of the entire world. It's great for those who like to pore over maps and compare information about different regions. It also includes an incredible selection of wine and food pairings. It's one of the best beginner wine books for those who want to geek out over information and have access to a load of pairing ideas.
The New Wine Rules: This is a book that speaks best to younger generations. Author Jon Bonne throws out many older and stuffier rules about wine. It seeks to make wine knowledge fun, and focuses on wine as something to experience more than talk about. If you believe wine should be enjoyed today rather than gathering dust in a cellar, Bonne's “The New Wine Rules” is the beginner wine book for you.
Exploring Wine: Do you already have good knowledge about cooking? Are you considering pursuing a career in wine? Read The Culinary Institute of America's “Exploring Wine”. It explains the basics of wine like these other books. Then it dives into the wine industry, teaching you everything from production to marketing and services. It gives you a detailed window into the business of wine as well as the enjoyment of it.
Wine: A Tasting Course – Every Class in a Glass: This book by Marnie Old helps those who want to structure their education about wine. It's an easy and entertaining read, and it's organized in a way that will help someone pick up a bit of new knowledge every day. 

Pick up your favorite wine for beginners book - and a glass of your favorite wine - and learn!


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