At Pacific Rim, we’re committed to walking the walk regarding sustainable practices — no corporate “green washing” here.

We believe that making beautiful wines should not compromise the beauty of our planet.

  • Banned hard herbicides and heavy watering
  • Winery built to optimize efficiency for electrical and water usage
  • Exclusively use wild yeasts — no commercial yeasts
  • Since the bottle itself is responsible for 70% of a wineries carbon footprint, we transitioned to Lightweight Glass
  • Reduces manufacturing energy consumption and CO2 emissions by 33%
  • Reduces greenhouse gasses and the impact of transportation by 24%
  • Made with 75% recycled material
  • We compost 100% of our pomace weight (a bi-product of grape crush)
  • We adhere to the most stringent viticulture standards known to the wine industry
  • We ban all use of pesticides and excessive watering techniques
  • Built to optimize electrical and water usage efficiency
  • Our electrodialysis filter demands less power than a traditional filter and provides supreme results
  • We only use native yeasts in our wines — no commercial yeasts