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April 18, 2023 | wine | Pacific Rim

Is Spring a Good Time to Visit Vineyards?

Is Spring a good time to visit vineyards? In a word, yes! All over the nation, including Washington State, wineries are getting ready to welcome back wine enthusiasts and anyone looking for an outdoor experience and a wonderful time. Just like in the pre-Covid days, wineries have restarted their winery tours and wine-tasting events. In fact, the majority of commercial wineries have gone one step further and have started to offer a variety of other non-wine-related activities when people visit their vineyards.  

spring visit to a vineyard


Is Spring a good time to visit vineyards?  Yes, of course. There really isn’t a bad time to visit a vineyard. Each season has something different to offer. However, there is no question that perhaps Spring is the best time to enjoy the vineyards because nature starts to open everything up after the winter. After a season of staying cooped up because of cold weather, everyone is ready to get out and about. More events tend to happen in the Spring as vineyards welcome guests for the first taste of Spring.


Temperatures: One of the best things about Spring is the milder temperatures, which are much better than the hot and humid temperatures of the Summer or the frigid cold of Winter. With milder temperatures, you won’t be sweating, and you won’t have to carry extra clothing to keep you warm while enjoying the outdoors.

Fewer Crowds: Another reason for visiting vineyards in Spring over Summer is that the visitors are typically fewer in number, so you won’t have to jostle your way through crowds as much. You will not have to compete or hustle your way around. And fewer crowds mean that it will be easier to get around, sightsee, and shop with ease. More importantly, you have a better chance of being able to book a wine tour without having to wait.

Guest Speakers: To celebrate the grape harvest and introduction of new wines, many wineries tend to invite growers and wine experts during Spring. This will give you an opportunity to ask questions and get to learn more about wines.

Hotel and Motels: During Spring, the rates for staying at motels and hotels are typically lower than Summer prices. With fewer crowds, you will also have ample places for dining.

Blooms: During Spring, many of the plants are in full bloom, and you will be able to see all types of colorful flowers. Plus, unlike winter, the Spring temperatures are mild, and the weather is usually beautiful.

Experience Local Life: One of the joys of visiting vineyards in Spring is that there are fewer tourists, and the locals are more than eager to please. You may get to experience the local life and sample the local culinary options that may vary from baked goods, cheeses, desserts, tea, beer, etc. At the same time, with fewer crowds, you will be able to do some shopping without being rushed. 

Hiking Season: Spring is one of the best times to hike and explore the beautiful state of Washington. Visiting vineyards in Spring will allow you to fully enjoy the spectacular scenery and get some outdoor exercise. If you plan ahead of time, you can even go picnicking and/or camping. You will find that most wineries will have just the right items for a Springtime picnic.


Is Spring a good time to visit vineyards? There are plenty of wineries that offer wine tasting and wine tours in Washington. At this time of the year, it is relatively inexpensive to visit a winery, and, best of all, you will be able to witness the wine bottling process and taste great quality wines without crowds. If you want to know firsthand what great quality wines from Washington, taste like, then check out our shop page!


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