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November 16, 2022 | wine | Pacific Rim

Some Fall Red Wine You Have to Try

For many, fall marks a serious change in weather and landscape. Temperatures begin to drop across the country, and trees slowly lose their green glory of spring and summer. For the wine industry, falls marks a real change in flavors too. While many people spend the summer searching for crisp white wine options, those flavor choices shift as fall begins and people start searching for bold, rich red choices to pair with heartier food options. Not every fall meal calls for a full-bodied red wine, though. In some cases, you might want a much lighter red to pair with your dish. What fall red wine should you consider serving next? This quick guide can help. 

Pinot Noir

An ideal fall red wine thanks to its earthy tones, this is an excellent choice if you’re serving chicken or duck, as well as dishes that have strong ingredients like mushrooms. These wines typically feature elegant flavors like cherry and pomegranate, so you’ll find it complements complex dishes that often grace fall tables. 

Cabernet Sauvignon

Whether you’re creating a beautiful fall dish with a fantastic sauce or you’re serving a thick prime rib for dinner, this is the right wine to match with fall thanks to its full-bodied characteristics. With a soft feel that includes the vanilla and spices from the oak in which it is aged, you’ll find a stunning taste when you serve this with an upcoming meal. Another great fall red wine. 

Red Blends

These are one of the most popular fall choices, and one of the largest wine categories in the United States. You’ll typically find notes of bright, red berries like cherry, as well as firm tannins with these kinds of wines, and they tend to pair well with risottos or spicier meats like sausages. 

No matter which fall wines might be ideal for your next cozy evening, we can help. Take a look at a few of our fall options now.


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