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June 6, 2023 | wine | Pacific Rim

Exploring the Outdoors: Mountain and Camping Wine

Exploring the outdoors and camping is a favorite pastime for many, especially during the seasons of summer and autumn. In 2018 alone (pre-Pandemic levels), nearly 42 million Americans headed outdoors for several days of camping and hiking. Today, many of these people also want to get a better dining experience by combining it with wine consumption. The two US states with very favorable outdoor venues for exploration and camping wine that invite thousands of tourists every summer and autumn are Oregon and Washington.

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Exploring the Pacific Northwest: Camping and Wine

The northwest, with its long coastline and range of mountains, offers some of the most unique landscapes, beautiful scenery, and camping experiences in the nation. For the outdoor lover, the scenic views of the coastline and sea in the Pacific Northwest are some of the best on the planet. And that is not all; the interior landscapes of both Oregon and Washington offer premier hiking trails, rugged snow-capped mountains, lush greenery, and, yes, dozens of wineries. Better still, as you explore the states, you will come across many extremely friendly locals, and will no doubt be glad to help ensure you have a great time during your visit. How to keep wine cool without a fridge may be a good question to ask them!

Whether you stay at a 5-star hotel, a cabin, or get back to nature in a tent in one of the state parks, the outdoor experiences to be garnered in the Pacific Northwest should not be missed.

The best way to explore the Pacific NW is via a road trip. In a span of several days, you will be able to taste wine, watch whales, and, while sipping coffee during a leisurely morning, get a chance to see the stunning views of the state. All you will need is the proper attire, including waterproof clothing and boots, a camera, plenty of warm clothing, and a palette that thirsts for wine because no matter where you go in Washington, wine is readily available.

Ideas for Keeping Wine Cool

How can you keep wine cool while you are exploring the rugged outdoors and camping?  Ideas for how to keep wine cool without a fridge include: a cooler or an ice bucket, an insulated wine bag, a wine chiller bucket, or how about a nice, cool mountain spring (if you are so fortunate as to find one and camp near one)?  Watch that your wine doesn’t get carried off, though, by either a bear or another human passing by!

Ice bucket: Of course, you’ll need ice! That means you would have to get it at a camp convenience store and/or store it in a cooler. This would entirely depend on how far you are going to camp and how long you are going to be gone.

Insulated wine bag: These can help keep already cooled wine remain cool for a few hours.

Wine chiller bucket: These can, or not, use ice to help keep wine cool. If using a frozen ice pack, it can help keep the wine cooler longer.

Cool mountain spring: If you are so fortunate, these were the earliest days of refrigeration.  Pioneers used to keep milk and other foodstuffs cool by laying them under a cool mountain stream of water.

Gear Up for Your Camping Wine Adventure

For your camping wine adventure, be prepared! Take the right gear with you but do not go overboard with equipment because hiking can be a major event if you have to drag a heavy backpack. Only take essential items, like a weather-resistant tent, water, dried food, a warm blanket, sleeping bag, light, jackets to keep you warm, appropriate footwear, charcoal, fire starter, wood, phone charger, extra batteries, matches, utensils for cooking, personal care items (soap, sunscreen, toothpaste), paper sanitizers, garbage bags, first aid kit, and appropriate garments to wear during a hike, including a hat.  That does sound like a lot, doesn’t it?  Well, just practice common sense.

Choosing the Right Destinations

Both Oregon and Washington have plenty of wineries and campsites, but, at the same time, if you are planning a wine escapade, you need to know where to go. Many wineries do offer summer tours and wine-tasting sessions. You preferably want to be close to both destinations. Many campgrounds in Washington and Oregon are located in state and federal national parks, but you may have to book in advance, especially during summer. Plus, you want the campground to have basic amenities, like grills, showers, toilet facilities, and access to running water.

With the right preparation, the outdoors and camping wine can be an experience of a lifetime, but no matter where you go, always consider safety as your top priority.

Caution and Tips for Camping with Wine

Even though camping is fun and exciting, remember you need to check each campsite’s rules about alcohol. Many campgrounds have restrictions on alcohol/wine consumption, and, in fact, most state-run campgrounds totally block the consumption or possession of alcohol.

Some sites may allow wine or alcohol consumption in your RV or certain designated areas but do know the rules beforehand as the penalties for alcohol possession and consumption are not trivial. Even if alcohol is permitted at certain campgrounds, be respectful of others, limit the amount you drink, and always clean up your mess.

Consider Winery Tours

To avoid any legal issues with alcohol at campsites, book a tour with a winery. Not only do they offer wine-tasting events, but many also offer facilities where you can drink and dine on-site and enjoy the splendid views of the vineyards.

The Benefits of Outdoor Adventures

Finally, camping is not the only reason to spend time outdoors. The adventure can provide a significant boost for the mind and can nurture the spirit by entertaining creative thought processes. It can also provide a well-deserved time and space to enjoy some much-needed peace and quiet. Look into outdoor adventures and try some of the best camping wines for your next trip and learn measures of how to keep wine cool without a fridge for your future escape.

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