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March 29, 2021 | Pacific Rim

How to Host Your Own Outdoor Wine Tasting

Spring is coming, and with it comes the desire to get together with friends or family in the great outdoors.  On your patio, deck, or even around the firepit, you can set the scene for an evening of great memories by merely hosting an outdoor wine tasting.  First, let’s consider these tips on how to host a wine tasting party.

Filling Up a Glass of Wine Outdoors

Set the Scene

Creating a bit of ambience can certainly help establish the right mood for a wine tasting with friends.  Outdoor wine tasting may require a bit of extra ingenuity.  For an evening gathering, consider stringing white lights, make sure there is plenty of comfortable seating, and consider a small propane fireplace or bonfire if there is a chill in the air.  For a daytime tasting, be sure to offer shade from the sun and make seating maneuverable so that people can move from sunny to shaded locations.  Also, be sure to have bottled water or non-alcoholic beverages on hand for those who want to take a break from the wine.

Select a Wine Theme

There are so many wine varieties that it is good to have a theme for your tasting.  This could mean that you try only budget-friendly wines.  It could mean that you select only white wine and crisp wines on a warm summer’s day, or it could be varied based on the location of production. 

Be Careful with Your Guest List

Big gatherings are undoubtedly fun, but intimate parties are generally better when it comes to tips on how to host a wine tasting party.  You want your tasting to include easy conversation, which flows typically best among small crowds.  Also, pouring is easier to manage when there are fewer cups to fill.  A single bottle of wine will generally fill 12 taster cups. Therefore, you may want to limit your headcount to 12.

Make Sure to be Well-Supplied

Obviously, it will be essential to have the appropriate number of bottles on hand and the 2-ounce tasting cups.  Additionally, though, you’ll want to have spit buckets for guests who fear getting too tipsy.  Palate cleansers, such as bread or crackers, are a welcomed addition to outdoor wine tasting, and notepads with pens are great for those who want to remember which wines they prefer. Finally, choose snacks or a small meal that pairs well with the wines being offered.


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