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July 6, 2023 | wine | Pacific Rim

Where to Buy Pacific Rim Sweet Riesling

The golden yellow wine fills your glass. As you take a sip, the sharp acidity and intense sweetness hit your tongue, making for the perfect, refreshing treat. These are some of the best characteristics of Pacific Rim’s Sweet Riesling, and they’re exactly what makes people look forward to every single bottle. The pineapple and peach notes will linger on your tongue, leaving you looking forward to the next sip. Wondering where to buy Pacific Rim Sweet Riesling so you can have the same experience? This quick guide can help you find the perfect bottle.

A Sweet Riesling Is Always The Right Choice

If you’re unfamiliar with a sweet Riesling, you may wonder why this is such a popular choice for so many people. Riesling is a white grape variety that is well known for producing some of the most aromatic wines in the world. They’re incredibly versatile, too, a trait we have extensively discussed in our Riesling versatility blog.

Widely grown around the world and throughout the United States, you’ll find them with a fairly wide range of flavors and aromas. You might find floral notes in one variety like jasmine or elderflower, citrus notes like grapefruit in another bottle, and stone fruit notes like peach in yet another variety. Sometimes, you’ll even find them with a tropical note like pineapple.

No matter what the notes are, though, you’ll find a high level of acidity with each, which lends itself to the crisp flavor that so many people find refreshing.

Over time, a Riesling develops complex flavors, making it even more versatile. That attracts many people to purchase and store several varieties at a time to understand just how fascinating this type of wine can be as it ages, something we've described in our Riesling aging guide.

There are a number of reasons people turn to a sweet Riesling. One is the fact that they’re quite versatile when it comes to pairing them with a meal. That perfect combination of sweetness and acidity means they work well with spicy dishes, the heat of other meals, and rich flavors like those you might find in artisanal cheeses or a dessert course. Here are some Food pairing ideas for Sweet Riesling.

Add that advantage to the fact that you’ll never find them cloying or even overly sweet. The fact that the high acidity level and natural sweetness balance each other out makes it an attractive wine for any table.

Maybe one of the most important reasons these have become so popular, though, is that they tend to be more approachable for individuals who haven’t yet discovered the power of wine or those who just want a slightly sweeter flavor. They’re an appealing, never intimidating choice that are perfect for almost everyone at your table.

Where to Buy Pacific Rim Sweet Riesling

Convinced that this is the right choice for you? It’s not a hard leap to move to a Riesling, and Pacific Rim’s variety means you have lots of different options. Our story actually begins with Riesling.

First introduced in 1992, we quickly gained a following among those truly devoted to Rieslings, and given that ours offered a fresh, bright taste, the popularity of Pacific Rim’s grew fast. Our passion has pushed our winery to grow incredibly, and while we’ve branched out to offer many varieties, Riesling remains our passion.

The single best place to buy a bottle is directly through our website. Online you can learn more about our brand, take advantage of promotions you’ll enjoy again and again, and even join our wine club. With us, you’ll get 20% off of all of your orders, flat rate shipping, and exclusive access to a number of different offers throughout the year.

On site, you can shop our latest offerings, including the 2021 Sweet Riesling so many people are talking about. Because our process is different, you’ll find a refreshingly sweet choice that is low in alcohol and big on the taste you crave. It will pair perfectly with your next spicy meal of Carribean food, Szechuan fare, or even a nice spicy Mexican dinner.

You can also pick up a bottle through Total Wine & More. The biggest independent retailer of some of the best wines in the United States today, this phenomenal online marketplace started in the early ‘90s as a brick and mortar space in Delaware. Today, they not only offer a wide variety of Pacific Rim products online, but also in nearly 250 locations across the U.S. They’re committed to the best wines and great prices, and you can purchase our Sweet Riesling there and many other options.

In many areas, you’ll find it marketed in other locations today. ABC Fine Wine and Spirits are one option, but so is your local Target or Safeway. Just walking into your local wine and spirits store or larger retailer is likely to help you connect with a bottle of one of our best products for an upcoming evening with someone special or a dinner party where you’re looking for the perfect wine.

Order a Bottle Today

Pacific Rim Sweet Riesling - where to buy it shouldn’t be a problem. Many retailers recognize just how popular this wine has become, and you can pick it up easily before you’re ready to open another bottle. There are few wines like a Sweet Riesling, and you’ll realize the beauty of this choice the moment you open a bottle of Pacific Rim. Order yours now through this link.


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