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October 22, 2021 | Pacific Rim

How Much Sugar is in Riesling Wine?

How Much Sugar is in Riesling Wine?

These days many people are concerned about weight gain, even wine drinkers. Hence, they all want to know the sugar content of the wine they drink. What is the Riesling sugar content? 

measuring the sugar content in wine

First, it is important to know that there are some wines with no sugar content, and at the other extreme end of the spectrum, there are wines with a lot of sugar, perhaps twice the concentration found in cola beverages. 

Second, you cannot tell the sugar content of the wine by tasting it.  The human tongue has a very low ability to detect the presence of sugar, and thus tasting is not the best way to judge the sugar content of wine. In addition, there are subjective differences in human taste; what may be very sweet to one person may be bland to another person.

Where Does the Sugar in Wine Come From?

During the fermentation process, the natural sugars from the grapes are released, the majority of which are used by yeast to make alcohol. However, some sugar is usually leftover, and this is known as residual sugar.  It is this remaining sugar that causes the sweetness of the wine. If the fermentation process is prolonged, all the sugars can be used up, and there is no residual sugar. 

These wines tend to have higher alcohol content and have a distinct bitter taste. On the other hand, if the fermentation process is short and very ripe grapes are used to make wine, there may be a lot of residual sugar leftover, which can make the wine very sweet.

Sugar and Riesling Wines

How much sugar is in Riesling wine?  Sugar in wine is classified on a scale from bone dry to very sweet.  The amount of sugar in Riesling wine depends on the type of wine you buy. The best way to tell is by reading the label to check for alcohol by volume (ABV) and residual sugar (RS) concentration. 

Unfortunately, many producers of wine do not state the RS level on the label as it is not mandated by law. But you can still tell if the wine is sweet by the ABV percentage. If the label says 8-9% ABV, this Riesling wine has low levels of alcohol and most likely is sweet. If the label says 10-11% ABV, this is a medium-dry wine, probably semi-dry and half sweet, and if the label states ABV greater than 12%, this wine has higher levels of alcohol and is not sweet.

How Many Calories Will You Acquire From Riesling Wine?

In general, if the Riesling wine is bone dry, a glass of wine will have less than 2 calories. For medium-dry Riesling wines, a glass of wine will contain about 20-30 calories, and the sweet Riesling will contain anywhere from 30-130 calories per glass.

What If the Label Does Not State the ABV or RS Content?

How much sugar is in Riesling wine? If the label does not state the ABV or RS content, how do you know if the Riesling wine is sweet?

Look for a Riesling that is less than $15. In general, less expensive Riesling wines are assumed to have some residual sugar between 3-15g. Some less expensive and sweeter Riesling wines in the U.S. include:

  1. Domaine Zind-Humbrecht Riesling 2015
  2. Kung Fu Girl Riesling 2015 (Washington State)
  3. Hugel Riesling 2014 
  4. Eroica Riesling 2013 (Washington)
  5. Stiletto light Riesling
  6. Gray monk Riesling
  7. 2019 Sweet Riesling

If you want to avoid too much sugar in your Riesling wine, go with a bottle of slightly more expensive wine, such as:

  1. Old Vines Niagara
  2. Riesling estates
  3. Nadja’s vineyard
  4. Riesling heritage
  5. 2018 Wallula Vineyard Riesling

If you want to avoid sugar at all costs in your wine, select a Riesling with an ABV of more than 12% like:

  1. Riesling dry
  2. Riesling raw
  3. Riesling speck
  4. Riesling heritage
  5. 2018 Dry Riesling

If you are trying to avoid a lot of sugar, try dry wines.  If they don’t agree with your palette, try the medium dry/medium-sweet wines.  If you like sweet wines, enjoy them – just watch the rest of your sugar content for the day. 

What is the Riesling sugar content?  If you have any questions about the dry, medium, or sweet Riesling options, call Pacific Rim and Company at 1.503.863.5454.  They are passionate about wine, especially Riesling wines, and they are very knowledgeable about them.

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October 20, 2021 | Pacific Rim

Does Red Wine Help Get Rid Of Acid Reflux?

Does Red Wine Help Get Rid of Acid Reflux?

Is there such a thing as wine acid reflux? Heartburn (a symptom of acid reflux – a burning pain in the chest area) is very common in the North American population. The disorder is associated with reflux of acid backing up from the stomach into the swallowing tube (Esophagus). While some people may have chronic heartburn, most adults will experience an acute episode of heartburn at some point in their life. 

Heartburn is an unpleasant disorder because acid reflux can result in chest discomfort, burning pain in the throat, cough, and bitter taste. Often, the symptoms can be so intense that heartburn can be mistaken for a heart attack. The symptoms can wake you up from sleep and can also ruin a nice dinner at a restaurant. It is well known that one of the risk factors for heartburn is the consumption of alcohol.

Factors That Can Trigger Acid Reflux

Besides alcohol, other trigger factors for acid reflux include smoking, drinking beverages like coffee, eating acidic and spicy foods, anxiety, stress, using certain medications (such as ibuprofen), and being overweight. The symptoms of heartburn can occur at any time but are most common when lying down or sleeping.

Alcohol and Acid Reflux

Studies have shown that alcohol is a risk factor for acid reflux. The reasons why alcohol causes acid reflux include the following:

  1. The alcohol generates more production of acid in the stomach.
  2. The alcohol also makes the tissues more sensitive to acid.
  3. Alcohol relaxes the muscles around the stomach, which then causes the acid to flow back towards the throat.
  4. The combination of alcohol and smoking increases the risk of acid reflux as both act similarly.
  5. The alcohol plus any spicy or acidic foods you may be eating can also trigger acid reflux.

Wine and Acid Reflux

What is the best alcohol for acid reflux?  If you are a wine drinker and at risk for acid reflux, here are some options:

  1. Drink small amounts of wine at a time.
  2. Avoid acidic wines; learn to read labels and avoid wines with more than 9 percent ABV.
  3. In general, white wines tend to be more acidic than red wines. Try drinking mild, red wines.
  4. Do not drink wine right before bedtime.
  5. Avoid drinking wine while eating spicy and acidic foods as both are triggers for acid reflux.
  6. Do not drink wines on an empty stomach, as this can trigger acid production.

The following wines are recommended for people with acid reflux:  Grenache, Chardonnay, Merlot, Marsanne, and Cabernet Sauvignon. There are no guarantees, of course, that these wines won’t produce acid reflux for you as every individual is different.  

Keep a wine diary and see which wines cause symptoms and which do not.

Seek Medical Help

If you continue to have acid reflux after drinking wine, the best recommendation is to see your healthcare provider. You may benefit from the use of certain medications (PPIs), but at the same time, you will need to change your lifestyle to lower the risk of acid reflux. This means you will need to:

  1. Lose weight - even losing a few pounds can make a big difference
  2. Don’t smoke
  3. Improve your posture and sit upright after a meal
  4. Do not take a nap immediately after a meal
  5. If the wine causes repeated episodes of acid reflux, you may have to discontinue drinking that wine and look for another, milder wine choice
  6. Avoid eating spicy foods
  7. Sleep with your head elevated on several pillows to prevent acid reflux

What is the best alcohol for acid reflux?  Pacific Rim and Company has a staff of knowledgeable wine experts.  Call them today at 1.503.863.5454 to learn more.

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October 18, 2021 | Pacific Rim

Do Red Wine Brownies Exist?

Do Red Wine Brownies Exist?

Oh, my goodness, yes!  But better than those commercials with Santa Claus and the talking M&M candies, these really DO exist!  If you have never tasted red wine brownies, you are missing a major treat. Red wine brownies are not only easy to make but have a delicious taste. The red wine adds a distinctive flavor and aroma to the brownies. 

There are many red wine brownies recipes online calling for red wine to be added to the baking mixture. While some people add cherries to increase the flavor, you can add almonds, walnuts, pistachios, or pecans, as well. The brownies can have a chocolate layer of frosting if you wish. 

To make the red wine brownies, you can either make the baking mix at home from scratch or buy a pre-made mix from a grocery store. All you have to do is swap the red wine for the water.

What Red Wines Can You Use?

Since brownie mix is usually sweet, to begin with, avoid using sweet red wine or bubbly red wine. Instead, select a medium or dry red wine with a moderate amount of tannins, fruity and aromatic tones like Merlot, Pinot Noir, Port, Syrah, Sangiovese (the main grape in Chianti), and lighter-style Cabernets. The extra heat during the baking process will accentuate the flavor of the wine. 

If you are using a medium red wine, then you can replace it with water, but if you are using a very dry red wine, then use a combination of half red wine and half water. 

The red wine brownies go very well with vanilla ice cream. This dessert is a great idea on a warm summer evening after having finished a barbecue. Eating red wine brownies will not make you “tipsy” because the alcohol will evaporate during the baking process.


  • Ready-made brownie mix (one box)
  • 2 eggs
  • Vegetable or olive oil (half a cup)
  • 5 tablespoons red wine of your choice


  • Preheat oven to 350 degrees F
  • Use a non-stick pan or spray a regular pan
  • Combine all ingredients in a mixing bowl and mix well
  • Transfer the mixture to the pan
  • Place in oven for 25-35 minutes (the time for baking will be stated on the box)
  • Remove from oven and let cool
  • Apply a chocolate frosting, nuts, almonds, etc., if desired
  • Serve with vanilla ice cream (if desired)

This is a wonderful idea and a great treat!  If you have any questions about the wines you can mix with the brownies, call Pacific Rim and Company at 1.503.863.5454.

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October 14, 2021 | Pacific Rim

Do Red Wine and Chocolate Go Together?

Do Red Wine and Chocolate Go Together?

The wine chocolate pairing can be a contentious issue. Some wine drinkers say that wine and chocolate do not mix, while others say the exact opposite. This debate arises because wine drinkers often fail to pair the right wine with the right type of chocolate. 

red wine and chocolate

Just like there are sweet, medium-dry, and dry wines, there are also different types of chocolates (milk, dark, white). Thus, before you can pair wine and chocolate, here are a few things you should know:

  1. Keep things simple.
  2. Both red and white wines can be paired with chocolates.
  3. In general, if the chocolate is sweet, the wine should be sweeter to wash down the palate.
  4. If you are just starting to learn about wine chocolate pairing, start by pairing light wines with lighter chocolates and then move forward.
  5. Some wine and chocolate have strong dry flavors. For example, if you select dark bittersweet chocolate and pair it with a strong dry wine like Port, the combination can flood the palate and numb the taste. In general, when pairing wine and chocolate, select a wine that is fruitier, softer, and less dry than the chocolate.
  6. If the chocolate is bitter, then select a sweet wine to balance the bitter taste of the cocoa.
  7. Mix and match. Select a lighter body wine if the chocolate is mild and less intense, like Cadbury's dairy milk. Similarly, if the chocolate has a strong aroma, is intense and bitter, go with a bottle of strong dry wine.
  8. Chocolate accessories. These days many chocolates contain raisins, almonds, nuts, caramel, or cream. For example, if you are eating fruity chocolate, you may want to pair it with a wine with mild fruity undertones like Piemonte, Brachetto d'Acqui, Banyuls, or sparkling wine. If the chocolate is packed with nuts, then try pairing it with Port, Madeira, or Oloroso Sherry.
  9. If you are eating white chocolate rich in cream and cocoa, you may want to select a light white or red wine to wash off the palate. Wines that pair with white chocolate include Sweet Rose, Sherry, Riesling, Orange Muscat, and Moscato d'Asti. Or you may want to select an ice wine.
  10. If you are consuming the regular brown chocolate rich in butter, cocoa, and cream, pair it with a mild fruity wine like Merlot, Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Riesling, or Muscat. Almost any dessert wine or champagne will pair well with regular chocolate.
  11. Dark chocolates tend to be bitter and have high tannin content, and are best paired with wines that also have a robust content of tannins like Merlot, Madeira, Port, Sherry, Cabernet Sauvignon, or Zinfandel. You may also want to try a sweet sparkling wine.

At the end of the day, it is not practical to have every type of wine to match the chocolate you eat. The more you read about wine chocolate pairing, the more confused you may get. If you want something simple that works, then go with the tried and tested wine options that cover a broad collection of chocolates, including Madeira, Port, Sherry, or Grenache Driven Banyuls. 

If you do not have these wines around the house, use any sparkling or bubbly wine, and you will not go wrong. For questions about wine and chocolate, Riesling wines, or virtually any other wine questions, call Pacific Rim and Company at 1.503.863.5454. They will have the answers because they are wine experts.

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October 5, 2021 | Pacific Rim

Should Riesling Be Refrigerated?

Like most beverages, to really enjoy wine, one needs to drink it at the right temperature. Unfortunately, many people buy wine, go home, and automatically put it into the refrigerator, thinking that cold is the best way to drink wine. It is important to know, however, what Riesling serving temperature is best. Serving very cold or very warm wine to your guests may not go over well for your dinner party. 

Know How to Reveal the Right Character of the Wine

Should Riesling be refrigerated?  Experts recommend serving wine at the right temperature as this reveals its character, flavor profile, and aroma. If the wine is either too cold or too warm, you will miss out on these important wine features. The one thing you should never do is store wine in the freezer.  

Other than the risk of explosion, the wine will lose its taste, and the aroma will disappear.  That is definitely a “no-no.”  Today, Riesling wine has become as popular as Chardonnay, but the big question is, “What is the correct Riesling serving temperature?”

What is the Correct Riesling Serving Temperature?

In general, white wines taste great when they are slightly chilled and the same applies to Riesling wines. The degree of coolness, however, is critical. The Riesling serving temperature is best at between 45-50 degrees Fahrenheit (F) (or 7-9 degrees Celsius [C]). If you place Riesling wine in the refrigerator overnight, it will typically attain a temperature of around 37 degrees F (3 degrees C). 

This is a little too cold as a Riesling serving temperature. You should, therefore, let the wine rest at room temperature for about five minutes before serving to attain a temperature of approximately 45-50 degrees F. 

Don’t Remove the Wine From the Refrigerator Too Soon

Remove the wine from the refrigerator just before you are going to serve it. Premature removing the Riesling wine from the refrigerator and letting it sit at room temperature for a long time will erase some of the aroma. After serving the wine, place it in an ice bucket and use a thermometer to monitor the temperature. The cooler temperatures will provide a balance between the sweetness, acidity, and tannic qualities of the wine.  

Should Riesling be refrigerated?  The best way to know what temperature to serve Riesling is by taking a few bottles of the wine and storing them at cold, room, and warm temperatures. Try each to determine the taste, flavor, and aroma. 

In the end, it is all a matter of personal preference. Some wine connoisseurs like their wine to be cold, and others like it to be at room temperature. If you are serving Riesling wine and want to enjoy it to the fullest, chill it at 45-50 degrees F first, and it will interact with your meal better to complement all the flavors.  Call Pacific Rim and Company at 503-863-5454 to get answers to your questions about all things Riesling because they are experts.

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