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January 18, 2023 | wine | Pacific Rim

What is the Best White Wine for Winter?

One of the best ways to enjoy the cold winter days is by consuming your best white wine for winter in front of a nice, warm fireplace or firepit. When paired with the right foods, the experience can be even better than a summer wine. Plus, this time of year can just feel more romantic. While traditionally, red wines have been preferred during the winter, today, there are several delicious white wines that are just as comforting during the winter as at any other time.  White wines like Chardonnay, Champagne, Riesling, and Gewurztraminer pair even better with many of the traditional winter foods. 

Best white wine for winter


With so many options, how does one choose the best white wine for winter? In general, for the winter season, select a white wine that is rich in flavor and has high acidity or alcohol. These wines can pair well with the high-calorie dishes of the festive and celebratory winter months, such as pot roast, glazed duck, stews, desserts, and snacks. Plus, you also want to select a winter white wine that will impress and excite your friends.


Another thing to know about serving winter white wine is to avoid drinking it very cold. At very low temperatures, the wine’s flavors and aromas will disappear, and the wine can taste bland. In general, winter white wine should be served between 43-55 degrees. Champagne and other sparkling wines can be served between 43-50 degrees. However, the full-bodied varieties taste excellent when served between 50-55 degrees (think Chardonnay) because the warmth releases the aromas. In general, while white wines can be chilled, they should not be ice cold.  For the optimum enjoyment of your beverages for winter, here is a list of some white wines you may want to consider.


Riesling is a classic example of great winter wine and a great choice for the best white wine for winter. Originally from Germany, there are some varieties made in the Pacific Northwest that rival their European counterparts. Even though the original Rieslings were sweet, today you can get a Riesling of every type! The one unique feature of Riesling wines is that they boast flavors of green apples, lime, apricot, and beeswax. Riesling is one of the most versatile white wines on the market; it pairs well with most winter foods, including smoked salmon, spicy pork sausages, studded mushrooms, curries, fruit tarts, and pies.

Gewurztraminer is another white wine that has a golden color tinged with shades of copper. It is a gentle, mild wine with notes of aromatic grapes and citruses, like lime and grapefruit, but others may have floral flavors. Gewurztraminer wine is a mildly sweet wine that pairs well with foods like pumpkin, crabs and lobster, roasted veggies, baked ham, and light desserts.

Chenin Blanc is a light-bodied wine with high acidity with flavors of orange, toasted almond, and dried persimmon. It shares similarities with Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay. It pairs well with many wintery foods, such as scallops, glazed pork, and desserts, like custard tarts and Crème Brûlée.

Pinot Gris is perhaps the second most popular white wine from the Pacific Northwest. It is renowned for its punchy acidity with flavors of lime, lemon, honeysuckle, and green apples. Because of its fruity aromas, it pairs well with spicy foods, like Peking duck, curries, roasted turkey dumplings, and cheese. 

Ice Wine. Finally, if you want to enjoy the cool winter days, nothing beats an ice wine. A great ice wine is iconic and pairs with many foods, including fried foods, chocolate fudge, cheesecake, fruit pies, and many more. Ice wines are known to complement all flavors, especially spices and herbs. The wines are light and refreshing, and ours is sure to enhance your mood.


The best white wine for winter is the one that you enjoy the most with what you are doing or what you are eating.  Regardless of rules, and while some wines partner better than others with certain foods from the perspective of those who know palates well, the best winter white wine for you is the one you try and like the best.  If you're looking for something new, read up on some of our favorite white wines!


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