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August 18, 2022 | wine | Pacific Rim

Summer Wine Tasting Party Ideas

One of the best parts of summer is the weather. It’s perfect for a barbeque, outdoor party, or any other social event you can imagine. One great option? A summer wine tasting party. What should you consider before you host one? It all starts with your theme. 

Why Theme Your Party? Why Summer Wine Tasting?

Why should you theme your wine party? It’s the perfect way to get creative with your party and help set the tone for everyone who attends. Summer party ideas that come with a theme make it simple to engage, and more than anything, it certainly adds to the fun. Here are just a few themes you might consider. 

  • Beach Party is perfect for Summer Wine Tasting: Have your guests bring their beachiest outfits complete with hats and sunglasses, then set up a playlist with the songs that make the beach fun. Be sure to take in some sun during your wine tasting and add your favorite beach foods to the mix!
  • Mexican Fiesta: Is there anything more fun than a fiesta? Consider blending your wines with ice to make a wine margarita. Be sure to include lots of food options like chips and salsa, fried ice cream, and spicy tacos. Mariachi music would make a nice touch. 
  • Tropical Fun: The tropics make a great theme for your party. Consider decorations like inflatable palm trees and bright colors. A Caribbean-inspired menu will help too whether you choose jerk chicken or some appetizers like fruit kabobs. 
  • The Fruits of Summer: Summer is the season of fresh fruit, and it makes the perfect theme for your wine party. Go with pastel colors, and be sure to build great fruit trays to help build out your theme. 
  • Creamy Dreamy Ice Cream: Is anything more fun than an old-fashioned ice cream social? Choose lots of different flavors, and have everyone bring their favorite topping. 
  • Tea Party: Ready for a garden tea party? Add some bite-sized sandwiches, desserts, and your best party attire to make this one a success. Be sure to add plenty of fresh flowers to the table. 
  • Bonfire Night: An evening of summer wine tasting around the bonfire makes the perfect conclusion to a summer day. Choose traditional bonfire foods like s’mores dip, campfire packets, and hot dogs to pair with your wine selections. 

Choose Your Wine

Once you decide on a theme, you next need to select your wine(s). To make the party fun, it is important to select the right wines for the occasion. Many people select four to six wines for their party, as this will allow the guests to taste several different wines and note the subtle differences and similarities between them. 

Select the Right Foods

Once you’ve chosen your theme and the wine for your optimal summer wine tasting, you’ll need to select foods that not only match your theme but your wine as well. For example, if you are having a barbecue, select some type of red wine. The reason is the high fat and umami in the meat will be balanced by the tannins in red wine. Steaks work well with Syrah and Malbec while burgers pair perfectly with Cabernet Sauvignon. Sausages might pair perfectly with a Pinot Noir, and pork chops will work with a Riesling. If you choose other barbeque meats, Chardonnay and Riesling are both versatile enough to work well with almost any meat. 

Not going with a heavy meal? Hoping for something lighter? A charcuterie board is a perfect accompaniment with wines. Charcuterie boards are easy to create; besides a variety of cheese, crackers, and fruit, you can have a wide range of meat. Both light red and white wines pair well with charcuterie boards. 

Hoping for dessert instead? You’ll want to select a wine with a low tannin content. It may also help to remember that rich wines work well with dark chocolates. Rieslings tend to pair well with apple and pear desserts. 

The Perfect Wine Tasting Party

The key to a summer wine party is to keep things simple. There is no rule that you must have a specific wine and food to enjoy a summer party. Check out our selection of great white and red wines that will liven up your summer party.


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