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March 15, 2023 | wine | Pacific Rim

Not Irish? Don't Like Beer or Whiskey? You Can Still Celebrate St. Patrick's Day!

Even though it’s traditionally an Irish holiday, St. Patrick's Day is widely celebrated by people of all cultures, religions, and ethnicities. Falling on March 17th each year, people celebrate with parades, decorating with shamrocks, wearing green clothing, and consuming plenty of green food, beer, and–yes–wine for St. Patrick’s Day.

wine for St. Patrick's Day


St. Patrick is rumored to have been captured by slave traders as a teenager and taken to Ireland, where he was imprisoned for six years. After he escaped to Britain, he became a devout Catholic but soon developed a “religious” urge to go back to Ireland, where he spread the gospel. For the next two decades, he preached about Christianity and the Word of God. After his death, people started celebrating his virtuous life. But over the years, St. Patrick's Day has grown into quite the day of celebration.


There are many ways to celebrate St. Patrick's Day. While some people prefer to go out and drink an Irish coffee, stout, or green lager, many people prefer to gather at home and enjoy a wholesome Irish meal with friends and family. Choose a nice wine for St. Patrick’s Day to celebrate wherever you are located.


The general food theme for St. Patrick's Day is everything Irish, and this includes the following:

  • Irish potato soup
  • Irish soda bread
  • Shepherd’s pie
  • Corned beef (spicy, salty brisket)
  • Irish desserts (e.g., bread and butter pudding, apple pie, Guinness cake, etc.)

Of course, any green food is highly recommended on St Patrick's Day, and this includes green salad, guacamole, pesto, zucchini, etc.  Green is the color of the Emerald Isle, and hence the day for this festive event. Regardless, we wine lovers can easily celebrate with St. Patrick’s Day wine!


These days, many people prefer to stick with what they love on this holiday. The key to remember is that most of the traditional St. Patrick's Day foods have bold flavors, and, therefore, you should be selecting St. Patrick’s Day wine that is also bold and not easily overpowered by the flavors of the food.

Now that more people than ever prefer wine for St. Patrick’s Day, people have been getting creative with the kinds and varietals. In general, most white wines are made from green grapes. White wine is great because, with a little bit of flavorless food dye, you now have a festive drink! And, so, if you are celebrating St Patrick's Day with an Irish meal, here are some wine pairings that will enhance the taste buds.

Corned beef and cabbage. This is a classic Irish meal that is not spicy but can be pungent because of the garlic, onions, and mustard. Therefore, you want to pair it with a wine that will not dull the flavors. Your best bet is to pair the meal with a savory wine, like Grüner Veltliner or Sauvignon Blanc.

Irish potato soup with soda bread. This Irish potato soup is creamy and packed with onions and celery. The best wine pairing is a dry Riesling, which will maintain the spicy flavors and provide a touch of freshness and acidity.

Irish dessert. No matter what type of Irish dessert you are having, you will not go wrong with a dessert wine. A bottle of chilled Riesling ice wine will enhance the flavors of the dessert. 

Finally, on St Patrick's Day, it does not hurt to at least try a Guinness again. Even if you hated it last year, things can change, and it really is the iconic drink of the Irish. Although this Irish beverage is not for everyone, a small sip will be the ultimate way to see out St. Patrick's Day until next year.

May the luck o’ the Irish be with you on this St. Patrick’s Day and forevermore! Toast a St. Patrick’s Day wine to the health of your loved ones, family, and friends.


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