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December 12, 2022 | wine | Pacific Rim

The Perfect Autumn Wines for a Cool Night

Fall is easily one of the most beautiful seasons. With the brightly colored leaves, the beautiful smells, and the crisp notes in the air, you won’t find many things to complain about during this beautiful season, and that includes the great autumn wine selection you have to choose from. Gone are the light, airy wines of summer that complement a hot day at the beach. Instead, a good autumn wine is a perfect addition to a chilly evening and the end of the warmth of summer. What autumn wines should you consider this year? Take a look. 

autumn wines

Chenin Blanc: If you haven’t yet tried a Chenin Blanc, it’s time. It offers an implied sweetness, but that comes with a layered complexity you simply won’t find with other autumn wines. The color complements any fall table, and the scent bouquet is perfect for fall, often including apple, pear, and honey, the perfect touch for a crisp autumn day filled with brightly colored leaves and long walks. 

Pinot Noir: This is a classic as far as autumn wines go. You’ll absolutely want to keep at least one of these on hand throughout the season. A medium-bodied choice, it offers soft, fruity flavors that help make sense of a season where temperatures can often vary from quite warm in the afternoon to quite chilly after the sun sets. It also pairs with a wide range of fall foods, so it’s perfect no matter what you’re serving tonight. 

Riesling: Few wines work quite as well as a Riesling, and while many don’t classify this as the ideal autumn wine, they absolutely should. It has the ability to pair with a number of different foods, and at Pacific Rim, we offer a number of different autumn wines that you’ll absolutely love throughout this great season. The beautiful acidity and strength of the mineral in every glass mean it’s ideal even during the fall. Moreover, because it highlights fall flavors, you’ll find it pairs well with a number of different dishes you look forward to as autumn arrives. 

Ready to find your perfect fall wine? Take a look at what we have to offer now.



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