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December 2, 2022 | wine | Pacific Rim

What are the Best White Wines for Fall?

There’s a fairly common misconception many believe - white wine is only for the warmer months like spring and summer. While white wines can certainly prove incredibly refreshing as the heat of summer comes on, the simple truth is that there are many white wines that work well as the temperatures change. Moving from light-bodied wines with light citrus notes in the warm summer months to full-bodied white wines with deeper, nuttier flavors is perfectly acceptable! What are the best white wines for fall? Take a look at this list.

fall white wine

  • Riesling: Many enthusiasts tout a Riesling’s year-round drinkability, and for good reason. It pairs well with a number of different fruits, and the beautiful acidity and minerality make these options ideal for almost any season. It’s one of the best white wines for fall because Riesling tends to celebrate the staples of this harvest season, offering you the juicy, sweet-tart combination you might expect from fall fruits along with a number of spice profiles that will help put you in the mood for the crisp autumn days ahead. 
  • Pinot Gris: A good Pinot Gris is a deep, complex sweet wine that is ideal for your fall table. Ours offers the aroma of crisp pear and honey blossom, the perfect hint of fall. With a driving minerality and a fairly short finish, it’s full of energy and perfect for your fall table. 
  • Chenin Blanc: The scents that surround fall are virtually bottled with a Chenin Blanc. From the moment you uncork it, you’ll find the honey and pear notes that will literally bring to mind short fall afternoons complete with brightly colored leaves and the warmth of the setting sun. Our Chenin Blanc highlights those bright fall afternoons and long evenings thanks to its pear and quince essence. A dry choice compared to some of the other best white wines for fall, it pairs well with every fall dish you can imagine from butternut squash to apples or roasted pears. In fact, it will even look amazing on your table as you reach the Thanksgiving holiday. 
  • Gewurztraminer: Aromatic intensity characterizes the best fall wines, and our 2018 Gewurztraminer offers that and so much more. With a bouquet of roses, lychee, and clove, it offers a bright flavor many others simply can’t match. As soon as you pour a glass and take a sip, you’ll immediately appreciate the warmth it provides. Pair it with the spiced meals that you appreciate the most in the fall and appreciate how well this option fits with the season. 

While many believe fall is the season of reds, the simple reality is that there are many great fall white wines you’ll miss if you only look to reds at this time of year. Shop our complete selection now, and savor the beautiful autumn evenings.


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